Wheels Of Fire

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• Units are a lot more customizable now: Added British configuration as well. • Redesigned messages app: including new icons, background, etc • Ported navigation app to dark theme, as used by the other apps • Improved render performance Camera System • Added ability to create custom camera mods: Tutorial and Example here • Added option to completely disable new/custom camera modes • Fixed more issues of camera drifting or behaving oddly with noisy/accurate controllers • Chase camera: Inverted looking directions. Fixed weird default to chase camera behavior. Defaults to orbit camera again. Improved zooming. • Camera transition speed can be changed or disabled altogether • Adjusted all vehicle chase cameras for perfect 1/3 composition of car and horizon • Fixed camera resetting behavior Assorted • Improved performance on Lowest Quality settings • Added Buttons to vehicle selector to remove vehicles • Fixed mesh highlighting in part selector not working correctly • Fixed too fast initial recovery speed (was twice the intended speed) • Fixed vehicle not being repaired in recovery mode if end of recovery data had already been reached • Added engine flooding basic progress display (useful in scenarios that involve drowning of Pigeons) • Improved engine hydrolocking process (water flooding is now predictable) • Fixed Lua debugger always starting, resulting in slow startup times. • Trigger fixes: Rectangular triggers actually triggering correctly now. • Added support for scenarios in subdirectories • Fixed MeshRoads collision meshes not updating after exiting editor • Added default brake pressure ramp-up to simulate braking fluid effects • Fixed transmission issues leading to launch weirdness in some cars • Fixed ‘Simple Gears’ app not correctly displaying ‘Neutral’ • Implemented underwater engine block cooling • Fix for physics core getNodeForceNonInertial function. This fixes G-meter’s z-sensor and oil starving behavior Input • Improved force feedback linearity display • Added help message for users experiencing weird force feedback with some Logitech wheels. Note: if you have a modern Logitech wheel, you might want to install their beta drivers • Increased default force feedback update rates for Logitech G29 and G920 back to previous figures of 2000Hz Vehicles • Added skinnable second UV channel to ETK 800 • Added plate spoiler and roll cage to Moonhawk • Added camper shell/bed cap to D-Series • Added new D15 “Marauder” config • Improved D-Series bed rack and added accessories (ladder and pipes) • Improved Roamer roof rack customization • Added tow hitch to 200BX, Pigeon, Bolide, and SBR4 • Added upfit slot to H15 frame • Improved Moonhawk fender flares, added body colored version • Fixed some wheel and tire mesh issues • Fixed SBR4 radiator damaging too easily • Fixed top of Miramar fuel tank being body colored • Fixed lots of small bugs/typos/errors • Fixed T-Series not having suspension sounds • Fixed H-Series seats easily clipping through rear wall, off-road rear shock having too much damping • Fixed D-Series/H-Series/Roamer off-road leaf spring shackles inverting, changed steering limiters to support beams, strengthened steering hydro, changed bumpstops to have 0 rebound damping • Reduced 88 Pessima and Sunburst rear differential weights • Tweaked ’88 Pessima turbo • Added new map: Utah • Added reversed depth buffer to solve clipping/flickering issues on levels • Overhauled camera: new mode, options, customizability(all in Lua now) • CPU render optimizations, frame rate stability significantly improved Physics • Added getAirDensity and getAirDensityAtSeaLevel functions to vehicle LUA • Added beamLimitDampRebound option to bounded beams • Increased stability of clutch at high torque situations (most visible at low gears) • G-meter z-sensor does non-inertial measurements • Fixed denormal constants in vehicle LUA • Fixed incorrect parsing of some ground model properties Vehicles • Added ‘Camo’ skin for D- and H-Series • Updated ‘Group4’ skin for Bolide • Added white steel wheels to T-Series • Added D25 and H25 pickup and van configurations with medium duty suspension parts • Added new turbocharger options for T-Series, ranging from 300 to 400 horsepower • Added bull bar to D-Series/H-Series/Roamer • Added bug shield and front lip to D-Series • Added rally lights to Covet and ’88 Pessima • Added new custom off-road wheels • Added welded differential option to Burnside • Added tow hitch to all cars • Added ‘Weight Multiplier’ tuning to metal box • 200BX: Fixed beams deforming too much when trying to set alignment. Improved setup of 200BX drift (should hold drift angle more easily) • Barstow: New leaf spring design. Improved steering geometry • Burnside: New leaf spring design. Increased body and frame stiffness • Covet: Improved stiffness of body parts • D-Series/H-Series/Roamer: New leaf spring design front and rear. Improved rigidity of van rear door opening. Reduced D15 frame stiffness for more accurate twist. Made spindles non removable. Fixed HD fuel tank not igniting. Improved stiffness of cargo box and flatbed • ETK800: Increased clutchtorque ~10% • Pigeon: increased power of base engine • T-Series: Separated wheels/tires. New leaf spring design. Fixed large breakGroups/deformGroups causing lag in crashes. Improved stiffness of visor and air horns on the cab • Made radiators much stronger and less susceptible to damage from bottoming out • Fixed some self-collision instability on some cars • Changed shock absorbers to use advanced damping (fast/slow bump/rebound) (on some cars, WIP) • Changed bump stop damping to work on compression only (on some cars, WIP) • New camera options added to all vehicle jbeams • Fixed some broken tire pressure variables (tuning menu was not affecting the tire) • Reworked torque curves with more realistic friction and braking properties • Fixed some tires still having mesh breaking disabled. Was causing mesh stretching • Fixed Civetta wheels becoming unstable on other cars • Removed “propulsed” arguments from vehicle jbeams. Was causing problems when wheels or differentials were removed General Bugfixes • Reduced zbias on decals and roads • Reduced grass desity on non-High graphic settings, added a slice toa select custom values. • Reduced memory usage on level load • Optimizations to reduce map loading time • Fixed the game not downloading a mod via the scheme URL when not started first • Fixed nodegrabber strength randomly set to zero or other values (was changing while user scrolled through UI menus) • Fixed broken meshes when using recovery mode • Fixed broken Lua functions: serialize, • Game Engine extensions now use subfolders • Silenced logging a lot – making it easier to spot the important things • Logging on vehicle loading is only enabled if Advanced mode is switched on • Improved Bananbench output • Fixed broken Ground models: Attributes had typos. Added error checking for that to prevent similar problems in the future • Improved compatibility for vehicles with no camera or refnodes: will spawm simple orbit cam now • Improved support for really long log messages. • Console window placement saving/restoring working a lot better • Fixed null audio provider selected by default Terrains / Scenarios • Fixed some incorrect terrain materials on roads in East Coast USA • Fixed bridge on Jungle Rock Island destroying tires • Updated Puregrid sky settings and texture • Fixed water visuals on some levels with lowest render quality settings Input • Added customizable force feedback update rate limiter, ranging from 30Hz up to 2KHz (see Controls > Force Feedback menu) • Revamped Force Feedback UI app, showing all information related to rate control and force limiters • Added tentative fix for Logitech G29 and Logitech G920 force feedback behaving erratically on some computers • Added support for force feedback linear response correction curves, with force deadzone detection (see Controls > Force Feedback menu) • Added default force feedback response curve for Logitech G27 • Fixed camera drift when using certain controllers • Fixed vehicle-specific bindings not working in scenarios • Fixed gamepad menu navigation not working correctly in Controls menu • TrackIR support added, simply start the software then the game, should simply work. User Interface • Updated game credits More options: • Added option for ‘competitive scenario conditions’: will allow to change vehicles etc during scenarios • Improved unit system (interesting for mod creation) Misc • Fixed nodegrabber not working if CEF development console was open (‘-cefdev’ parameter) • Improved recovery system, will recover faster and faster if you press the key for longer • Added notice when user has reached beginning of recovery path • Support connecting multiple Android phones via the Remote Control App JBeam / Lua • Oil thermostat is analog now • Oil heating tweaked, oil should overheat more easily now if the rest of the engine is too hot • Torque curve app displays flywheel values now instead of raw jbeam inputs, fixed various bugs with the app • Fixed turbo torque curve calculation not being correct sometimes • Improved beam debug visibility and added deformgroup mode • Improved shifting strategies and launch behavior • Added oil starvation logic: when a car is upside down, the engine is going to be starved of oil eventually • Physics ID refactor: objects now have an identifier that is global and supposed to be used everywhere: vehicle:getID() Modding changelog • Deprecated textures with size non-power of 2 or smaller than 16 pixels. • Deprecated non gpu compressed texture formats. • more changes over at JBeam changelog v0. 5. 3. 2. 2036: • Greatly improved static collision performance in certain areas • Added warning to Controls > Hardware menu when G25, G27 or DFGT steering wheels drivers are not properly installed • Fixed incorrect time measurement reports during WMI devices detection • Fixed thermals behavior with greatly overheated coolant while the rest was still fairly cold • Coolant temperature now is being displayed as increasing even without a radiator • Tweaked ramp positions on "Big Air Vanster" scenario to make it playable again • Exposed thermal damage values to other parts of vehicle lua (including vehicle lua extensions) • Tweaked oil heating logic to heat up faster under high revs • Lowered threshold for heavy particulate emission • Fixed radiator fan potentially not turning off again • Fixed "Press TAB" message also appearing when replacing the current vehicle • Removed ability to modify game speed in scenarios (was affecting the scores in some of them) • Added lots of tooltips in the Controls menu, to help users set up their devices more easily Vehicles • 200BX: fixed wrong lettering on base model, accurized tachometer • Covet: fixed exhaust/rear bumper hitting each other and bending, fixed tachometer • '88 Pessima: fixed steering limit, drift steering should work properly now, fixed carbon fiber hood being just called "hood", improved trunk stability, fixed tachometer • '98 Pessima: fixed gas pedal clipping into floor, fixed speedometer limit • Grand Marshal: fixed gas pedal clipping into floor • T-Series: fixed hood not detaching properly, fixed Long Haul not having a sleeper cab • Roamer: deformation tweaks, strengthened radiator • Pigeon: fixed 600 thermals not working • ETK 800: stronger door latches • Burnside: fixed steering wheel position • D-Series: strengthened radiator • H-Series: frame strength/stiffness/weight tweaks, stiffened rear of van body/rear door opening, strengthened radiator • Fixed heavy duty steel wheels being unstable, moved the heavy duty hub spacers out of vehicles' brake parts and into the wheel itself • Set position to 0 on flexbodies of some vehicles' parts so they work properly with nodeOffset (pos must be set to 0 in order to be changed by nodeOffset) • Lowered fan temperature from 105 to 100 • GPS device now having a black screen until we make it work properly Terrains • Fixes for JRI: bridge performance, bridge lip above ground, fixed tunnel missing tris • Fixes for ECA: Improved FPS, trash of death, missing collision, AI issues in town, fixed missing waypoint in town v0. 5. 3. 0. 20207: • Implemented engine thermal simulation • Vehicle Rotation: Preserves Rotation on reload / (camera in recovery is still buggy, to be fixed in the next updates) • Video Player • Ground models for 3D meshes and improved Static collision / Groundmodel Debug visualization: now with ground model names being displayed. Depth visualization much better as well Physics • Thermals: Simulation of multiple temperatures such as coolant, oil, cylinder walls, engine block and exhaust manifold • Thermals: Advanced damage modelling for radiator/coolant leaks, head gasket failures, piston rings, connecting rod bearings • Thermals: Rich visuals/audibles for damaged parts (steam from head/radiator/exhaust, blue smoke from exhaust, knocking sounds from engine, cold environment exhaust steam with cold engines) • Thermals: Dynamic exhaust routing for accurate particle emission • Thermals: In depth jbeam configuration for radiators (coolant/oil), oil/coolant volumes, damage thresholds, different radiator fan types, different engine block materials • Thermals: Added Thermal Debug app to visualize the state, showing warnings/errors • Implemented dynamic fuel weight – fuel weight now changes when fuel is being consumed • Small dynamic (vehicle) collision CPU optimizations • Small static (terrain) collision CPU optimizations • Reduced static collision’s memory usage by 20% • Added virtual airspeed based on local acceleration data to sensors/electrics, which gives a rough estimate of the vehicle’s true airspeed • Added direct shifting to real auto mode too • Added directionVectorUp to map tracking for better positional awareness of vehicles in T3D/scenario lua • Implemented engine load calculation in drivetrain • Added support for regular exhaust smoke (load dependant) • Fixed Gravity settings having earth gravity on vehicle spawning for one frame resulting in downwards movements in zero-g • Added vehicle LUA getEnvTemperature() and getEnvPressure() functions that return environment’s temperature and pressure Vehicles • 200BX: new livery for Police, increased steering lock, tweaked configuration, added new “Demon” variant • Moonhawk: new “Elite Custom” variant • Barstow: fixed misaligned fan mesh on I6, new “Nightsnake” variant • Sunburst: increased steering lock, new “Drift Missile” variant, added skins for Rally and Custom • SBR4: increased steering lock • ’88 Pessima: added carbon fiber hood to Custom, tweaked dashboard shape • Roamer: added optional body colored trim and Sport variant • H45: relocated heavy duty spare tire, stiffened heavy duty rear suspension • Added functional oil coolers as optional parts for Sunburst, 200BX, Covet, ’88 Pessima, and Bolide • Added new custom wheel Okudai PR01, in 3 colors, ranging in size from 15×7 to 17×9 • Added Legno Classico custom steering wheel • Separated all vehicles’ bodies/frames to a sub-part: This will allow replacing the frame or body of a car without replacing the entire car or overwriting default files – useful for creating different body types of the same car • Added a generic “Additional Modification” slot to all cars to help with modding • Fixed vehicles having 100 liters of fuel when the fuel tank is removed • Big Traction Control rework, should control the slip ratio much more precisely now • Improved ESC reaction to countersteering while drifting General Bugfixes • Fixed non working scenario win/fail countdowns • Fixed inability to use certain features (such as nodegrabber) when choosing ‘freeroam’ after finishing a scenario • Fixed many warnings on level load, due to invalid values in particle definitions • Fixed bug that broke the game when immediate action from the Traction Control was required after switching Traction Control modes • Fixed log spam when hovering over vehicle parts menu items • Fixed fatal error messages being shown behind the game, freezing the game. Now minimizing the game making the messagebox visible. • Particles: Debug messages about not found particles are an error now • Launcher: Removed crashreporter initialization error messagebox, making it completely optional to have. Artificial Intelligence • Reduced planner tendency to use the brakes too often • Improved flee aggression behavior (based on how close the player is) • Many bug fixes that resulted in strange behaviors Terrains / Scenarios • Fixed double material causing errors on Hirochi Raceway • Fixed “Highspeed Highway” scenario sometimes breaking in the 9th waypoint • East Coast USA: Overhauled the town with new textures, areas and a nicer road surface, fixed an AI pathing problem in the town, miscellaneous improvements • • Added “Airfield Showdown” scenario on JRI • Added “Bank Robbery” scenario on ECA • Added ‘Intersection’ scenario • Added ‘JRI Chase’ scenario Nodegrabber • Video Player • Allow grabbing objects from a few kg up to around 50 metric tons (use mouse wheel to tweak grabbing strength) • Allow tweaking the grabbing strength also before clicking a node (and not only after clicking) • Fixed nodegrabber not working when mouse passed over UI apps or using some vehicle cameras Input • Tentative fix for steering wheels whose drivers don’t supply force feedback step information • Fixed some gamepads left stick axes overlapping the right stick axes (drivers were reporting duplicate axis names) • Shifter mode changes automatically when using shifting paddles too (previously only when using H-shifter) • Fixed keyboard driving controls sometimes not working after clicking on UI apps • Fixed dashboard menu stealing keyboard focus when being closed immediately after being opened User Interface • Display informational messages when important car parts get damaged • Made controls reassignment menu more readable • Renamed shifting modes to make more sense: “Arcade”, “Automatic”, “Manual” and “Manual (clutch assist)” • Added frame time to performance graph • Improved gamepad navigation on Vehicle Parts menu • Improved usability of Bindings menu (better colors, more tooltips, corrected cursor icons) • Added vignette effect to loading screen and main menu • Added hint in Controls menu, advising users to disable combined pedals option for steering wheels • Added help message on screen when Recovery system is used incorrectly • Added hint on how to switch vehicle after spawning several of them • Fixed performance graphs being occluded by apps • Fixed gamepad menu navigation not working until BeamNG window was first clicked with mouse • Fixed Revert Button in Controls menu • Fixed streams being read-write instead of read-only • Improved ESCDesiredYawGraph app values with interpolation • Moved Javascript debug out of way • Added ModManager error alerts • Added core slots: Ability to not have an ’empty’ option in there • Added error message if render process is missing or died. Without this, you ended up hanging in the “Waiting for UI” screen. • Fixed fatal errors not closing the game correctly, leaving a zombie process behind.

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• Fixed typo in Performance Timer app Misc • Sounds are now muted while the game is paused or minimized • Added support for loading scripts in mods: any scripts/*/ or scripts/*/ is now loaded • Improved performance of tiremarks, by adding a flag for static objects (to force prebuilding the collision octree used for decals) • Added rotation (2 previous log files are kept too) • Cleaned up some false error message in log files • Fixed several crashes on the editor and sound system • Fixed some instabilities of the Mod Manager • Cleanup: removed obsolete log messages about the Game engine internal communication JBeam / Lua • Slot options are now self-isolating. They previously leaked into parts after them. This is why you had to always cancel out the nodeoffset in all possible parts • Lua: Fixed “Error in error handling” in some cases. It should now print the callstack properly when lua gets an exception. • Renamed folder from lua/t3d (Torque3D) to lua/ge (GameEngine) • JSon serializer uses better number output now • Refactored/Improved Game engine Lua interface, some call signatures changed to make more sense now youtubemusic.club/p/totalizator-leon. • Renamed folder from lua/t3d (Torque3D) to lua/ge (GameEngine) • JSon serializer uses better number output now • Refactored/Improved Game engine Lua interface, some call signatures changed to make more sense now. • Work on automated Lua – C++ API self documentation (unfinished, see dumpDoc) • Added new extension callback: ‘onModLoaded’: called when the module is loaded, this happens way before onInit. The game engine might not be reasdy at this point in time. • Added new extension callback: ‘clientPreStartMission’: ability to execute lua code before any level resources are loaded. Ability to load things that are needed when the actual resources are loaded. I. e. ground models • Improvements to the module subsystem: allowing custom serialization and deserialization functions: input subsystem now saving values between reloads. I. e. CTRL+R saves the parking brake state • Ground models now live in a json file and are case insensitive. Please do not change / work with this yet. This format will change again drastically in the next updates. We are working towards per level/vehicle/scenario collision/ground model changes • GameEngine Lua: converted environment lua file to an extension • Improved reliability of Jbeam variables loading when specifying the wrong type • Modders can now output the jbeam that is compiled via saveCompiledJBeam(). Uncomment the function call in lua/vehicle/jbeam/jbeam line 2002 • Added ability to rename files from LUA side, using FS:renameFile(oldFileName, newFileName) v0. 5. 2. 1. 1887: Bugfixes • Fixed ModManager not activating mods on fly – you had to restart the game. Works without restart now • User Interface: Fixed the default image not showing in app and levelselector if there is no preview image • Automatically hide nodegrabbing stuff (along with mouse cursor) after some mouse inactivity, to allow taking screenshots • Possible fix for force feedback not working on the following devices: SimXperience AccuForce, LUFA Joystick, Logitech WingMan Formula Force GP • AI: Minor bugfixes, Better police patrol flee logic • Cruise control app not failing with multiple cars • User Interface: New thumbnails for apps + minor fixes • Fixed vehicles lurching back when braking in “Real automatic” Content • Much weaker beacon attachment for some vehicles • ETK800: fixed exhaust problems • Added suspension sounds to all vehicles (heavy work in progress!) • Added full adjustability to race and rally coilovers, including access to advanced damping features if present • Added adjustable sway bars to some cars • Added variable boost stage 3 turbochargers to Covet, ’88 Pessima, 200BX, and Sunburst (choose the amount of boost in the tuning menu) • 1988 Pessima • Added Race, Rally, and Custom variants along with 6-speed race and rally transmissions, stage 2 and 3 turbos, roll cage, mudflaps, skidplate, and rally coilovers • Added second UV channel (is now skinnable) • Added aero grille to HX • Added optional body-colored trim skin (default on ZX, GTz, Rally, and Custom variants) • Changed GTz default wheels • Added optional 5-lug spindles to enable more custom wheel options • Tweaked interior cameras (slightly more realistic motion) • Many improvements to roof and pillar deformation • Properly jbeamed skidplate for Sunburst Rally and Covet Rally • Redone/improved Covet roll cage • Retuned turbochargers • Fixed incorrect parts config on D35 RWD • Added solid front axle suspension to D35 4WD • Added heavy duty fully-boxed frame option to D-Series • Added hard travel limit to D- and H-Series rear suspension • Fixed misplaced 3rd brakelight flare on extended cab D-Series • Adjusted exhaust meshes on D- and H-Series to clear transfer case better, fixed H-Series missing headers • Fixed H-Series deforming beams on spawn (steering rack was misaligned) • Colorable interior for ’96 Pessima • Made cars’ fenders less likely to detach/flap around • Weakened Covet fenders • Made T-Series turbo gauge functional • Fixed T-Series door beams being wrong making door jiggle • Added optional 4-lug spindles to 200BX to enable more custom wheel options • Fixed 200BX unstable carbon fiber hood • Added unmarked police package Grand Marshal variant • Optimized glass materials • Fixed some wheel detaching issues • Fixed some unstable hubcaps, wheels, and tires • Added more coltris to pushbars to avoid sticking • Added more inter-part coltris to many cars to avoid sticking • Fixed street light not working • Fixed cars’ strut bar flexbodies for less weird deformation Features • Part config files are saved in ‘pretty’ json now: Much nicer to read • Added “Ignite Vehicle”, “Ignite Node” and “Extinguish Fire” buttons to the vehicle debug app • Added support for diesel turbos without a BOV • Broken truck scenario now also uses the fire system for even more damage • Improved Lua performance module • Improved tire stability: Fixed bug with tire deflation that caused physics instabilities • Physics core optimizations Bugfixes • Parts selection: fixed random parts highlighting, highlighting subparts now, added sticky selections • Fixed vehicle config save/load: fixed new json format not loading correctly, fixed disappearing tab on small screens • Input: Improved keyboard and mouse motion-to-photons lag by up to 40ms • Added workaround for external programs breaking main menu (black screen issue) • Fixed custom particle spawning • Fixed turbo not stopping properly when the engine broke down • Input: Added debug information for extremely slow starts with certain input hardware combinations • Input: Minor improvements in Controls menu (show icons in hardware tab, better keyboard icons…) • Input: Fixed ‘Keys’ app only showing player number for vehicle-specific bindings • Fixed crash when Mod Repository try to install a mod with spaces in ZIP name • Added DxDiag file to crash reports • Refactored props/flexmesh lua API: simpler, easier to use, more features possible • Added persistency option for system Lua modules: they can now persist data between CTRL+L reloads • Reduced CEF verbosity to only log errors • Improved physics instability message, show correct binding key to resume simulation Terrains v0. 5. 0. 0. 1700: Features: • Added experimental multiseat mode (requires one controller per player, can be temporarily enabled for Freeroam mode in Options > Gameplay) • Added turbocharger simulation (realistic turbine up, downspool and turbo lag. Characterics are configurable, from small and responsive to big and violent. Comes with two debugging apps) • Added ‘1-click mod installation’, available here (To enable this feature on your account, click the ‘Add Content’ button in the freeroam/scenario screen) • Added ‘NodeOffset’ feature: you can offset parts of a vehicle, such as wheels or trailers, to make them compatible with different vehicles • Added support for loading . jbeams from vehiclescommon • Remote Control app for Android (Drive using your smartphone!). Get the app here. • Vehicle tuning system (adjust camber, toe, tire pressure, ride height, track width, and other properties in the vehicle configuration menu) • Added tire popping sound effects • Added initial support for vehicle-specific bindings (such as cannon targeting controls, opening doors, etc), and updated some official vehicles to use them • Added ‘Keys’ app for vehicle-specific bindings • Added custom skin slots for vehicles (e. g. license plates, interior, engines, etc) • Added material opacity map (syntax: opacityMap 0 ) • Added material color paletter (e. g. change vehicle colors dynamically) • ESC now reacts more realistically to quick steering changes • Changed the way unpacked mods work: you can either use the Mod Manager to unpack zip files, or put the mod contents to “userPath/mods/unpacked/ /” folder Vehicles: • New vehicle: ’88-’91 Ibishu Pessima • Wheels and tires separated out into a new global system. If the lug nuts line up, you can put any wheel on any car, and any tire that fits on that wheel. Lots of new possibilities! • Separated wheel and tire flexbody groups. No more wheel mesh deforming from the tire deforming • Improved tire deflation • Added several new wheels • Completely retuned suspension (200BX, Barstow, Bolide, Covet, D-Series, Grand Marshal, H-Series, Moonhawk, Pessima, Roamer, SBR4, Sunburst) • Soft bump stops have been added to our modern cars to replicate those common on newer designs. Use of these bump stops allows more control of body movement without overly stiff spring rates. • Sway bars replaced with a better design that doesn’t bind or give weirdly changing anti-roll stiffness • Alignment and bump steer tuned more accurately using new alignment debug tools • Race and rally coilovers have new more digressive damping curves and are now height-adjustable • Reworked most cars’ torque curves to have more low end torque and replaced fake turbos with real ones • Added breakable inter-part collision triangles to reduce the likelyhood of vehicles sticking together in collisions (200BX, Covet, D-Series, Grand Marshal, H-Series, Pessima, Roamer, SBR4, Sunburst) • Added colorable interiors to many cars (choose from several presets in the parts configurator) • Moved Roamer into its own vehicle, thanks to the ability to use common jbeams, so there’s no redundant data • H15 can now tow the small flatbed trailer • Roamer: New non-offroad sheriff variant added with pushbar, added alternate interior colors • 200BX: New gear ratios, new “Turbo Rabbit” fender flares, front bumper lip, new 6 speed race transmission, improved anti-stretch beams, police variant changed to use automatic, new lights textures to fit better with Pessima and Covet, new “blade” style wheels for the Type-LS • Covet: Properly modeled turbo and intercooler, new 4 speed manual transmission for DX, new gear ratios, fixed skidplate using wrong engine, new hubcaps for LXi to replace alloys, new “blade” style wheels for the ZXi • H-Series: Improved heavy duty rear suspension, improved muffler jbeams, retuned gear ratios, cargo area filled with collision triangles for reliable hauling, H15 cargo doors open and close • D-Series: New D15 extended cab and D35 heavy duty variants, retuned gear ratios, fixed DS Custom suspension deforming beams, bed filled with collision triangles for reliable hauling, added alternate interior colors • SBR4: Improved anti-stretch beams • T-Series: Fixed missing driveshaft on long frame T65, fixed messed up coltris and breakgroups on exhaust stacks • Moonhawk: Improved col tris in the front for less sticking, separated shock and spring parts, fixed binding driveshaft, added alternate interior colors • Bolide: Glass strength tweaks • Barstow: Fixed missing material on supercharger parts, fixed right door glass breaking too easily, added “Drag” coilover option, fixed binding driveshaft, separated shock and spring parts • Grand Marshal: Fixed c-pillar area deforming too easily, fixed binding driveshaft, retuned gear ratios, separated shock and spring parts, added alternate interior colors • Pessima: Front end deformation improvements, fixed c-pillar area deforming too easily, remade stanced version without stanced parts using the new tuning system • Sunburst: Front end deformation improvements, moved front license plate forward 1mm • Added RPM guard to DCT transmissions to keep RPM below redline (prevents downshifting to too low of a gear at high speed) • Fixed messed up glass damage textures on Covet, Grand Marshal, and D15 • New glow colors for gauges • Optimized and improved chrome lettering materials and textures • Fixed some more wobbly steering wheels • Fixed incorrect speedometer limits on some cars • Fixed cement mixer discharge chute not opening • Added alternate 36 inch tall orange cone Physics: • Vehicle collision optimizations • Tire angle of contact affects tiremark size • Arcade automatic now lifts throttle between shifts • Optimized breakgroup breaking code, reduced impact lag in heavy collisions • Added ‘one way’ triangle breakgroups • Added support for “disableTriangleBreaking” beam property which prevents triangles from breaking when the beam breaks Terrains: • Fixed colour depth maps saved in 2D instead of 1D • Fixed gridmap loading some resources from other maps • Fixed some scenarios which had broken waypoints Scenarios: • Added “Hypermiling” scenario, where only the most environmentally conscious drivers will reach the finish line • Added 5 multiseat demolition derby scenarios: “Concrete”, “Regular”, “Varied Ground”, “Mud Pit” and “The Pit” User interface: • Improved vehicle configurator design • Background of race countdown app is now completly transparent • Re-added PostFX manager button graphics menu • Added numerical values to the sliders in photomode • Race timers now using lua timer instead of their own • Race time comparison now shows comparison between the first checkpoint and the current one compared to previous round, so one knows if their lap will be better or worse • Added turbo activity debug app • Added JS logging checkbox • Fixed incorrect steering axis inversion with Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel • Fixed ‘ffb-not-bound’ message always showing unless using steering wheel (or a device that identifies itself as such) • Fixed ‘ffb-not-bound’ message not updating when user removes bindings or unplugs controllers • Fixed inability to detect POV hat buttons in the controls menu • Fixed inability to use vibration-only DirectInput controllers (such as Genius Twin Wheel) • Fixed keyboard keys sometimes getting stuck while opening any menu • Fixed support for multiple bindings in the same control (e. g.

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activate both parking brake and clutch with a single press) • Fixed inability to start scenarios when throttle and brake are assigned to the same axis (e. g. joysticks) • Fixed Digital Speedo showing wrong value for speedunit • Fixed photomode not hiding UI, calibrated camera speed slider • Fixed Racetimer not resetting when leaving the scenario’s end message screen • Fixed some vehicles not resetting their internal variables (e. g. cannon barrel angle) • Fixed dynamic collision bugs как выиграть казино. cannon barrel angle) • Fixed dynamic collision bugs. These bugs heavily degraded slow-mo collisions • Fixed crash on level load with old DirectX10 Nvidia drivers • Fixed switchable materials for vehicle props (gauge needles will glow properly now) • Fixed missing shadows on lowest graphics setting • Fixed various issues with mod manager • Fixed scenario logic not unloading correctly when changing scenarios • Fixed camera positioning when vehicles are reset and physics are frozen • Fixed performance timers not working when on a slope • Fixed non working ABS lights • Fixed crash sounds always playing at full volume. Now the volume properly depends on the severity of the crash • Fixed missing values in some controls parameters • Fixed scenarios autostarting if reloaded twice • Fixed inability to add new bindings without removing others in some cases • Fixed buggy graphic resolutions selector • Fixed problem with tachometer units • Fixed some crashes (when running out of memory on 32-bit OS) not logging information to disk • Fixed incorrect line endings in launcher log file • Running with -cefdev now creates correctly in user folder and opens chrome console at startup v0. 4. 3. 2. 1546: • Fixed launcher "lavasoft crash" workaround • Fixed launcher incorrectly running the 32-bit game in some cases due to buggy memory check • Reduced video memory bandwidth usage during shadows render • Reduced shadow acne • User Interface: Added automatic color sorting on unsorted factory colors from vehicles • User Interface: Fixed environment menu not reseting gravity and simSpeed on reopen • Fixed vehicle selector ordering with old/incorrectly setup mods • Input: Fixed FFB sometimes ceasing to work when reloading or replacing a vehicle • Input: Improved all bindings input lag (now they all have the same reaction time as fastpath steering response) • Input: Improved dynamic steering response by one frame • Added smoothing to AI's steering, to prevent AI from breaking steering rack • Fixed sounds not working on nodes other than CAMERA or ENGINE Features: • Lazy loading of all apps (custom apps now supported, we will update the tutorial soon) • Added missing Trip Computer app Vehicles: • Removed tint from all cars' windshields, added tint to some cars' side and rear windows • Added more colors to some cars • Fixed various cars' welded/locked differentials • Covet: New "Beater" variant Terrains: v0. 4. 3. 1. 1525: Vehicles: • Barstow: tweaked deformation, improved front end rigidity (less shaking/wobbling over bumps), improved door glass breaking, fixed some wheels being unstable, added stage 1 supercharger for 423 engine, tweaked torque curves, fixed drag shifter and fuel needle not working correctly, texture and mesh fixes (engine bay braces moved to be part of fenders, main spec+normal+diffusemap improvements, engine bay mesh split), mirrors moved to main . dae • Moonhawk: remade gear ratios, added I6 automatic variant and 3-speed manual for I6, tweaked deformation, improved front end rigidity, improved door glass breaking, fixed front dampers • SBR4: improved door glass breaking, more downforce from wing • Roamer: added fire chief skin/variant, changed "Highway Patrol" to "Sheriff", minor texture tweaks, UVed parts of wheel wells and other areas to be skinnable: • Bolide: added new spoiler, minor texture tweaks, added group4 configuration • Covet: fixed defrost lines showing when rear window was broken, added some new optional hubcaps, fixed left halfshaft breaking too easily, added rally paintjob • Pigeon: fixed 600cc engine working underwater • Sunburst: tweaked shift points, stronger RS wing, replaced Police Sport RS with 'French Gendarmerie', added police skin, police beacon light • Pessima: fixed some wheels being unstable • 200BX: handling tweaks, less oversteer-prone, stronger GT wing • T-Series: reduced weight to be more realistic, made ram plow heavier, changed transmission from 13 speeds to 12 with new ratios • Grand Marshal: fixed missing racing wheel • H-Series: added police variant • Gridmap: improved performance, minor color adjustments, some lighting improvements • Jungle Rock Island: texture improvements for vegetation, reduced overexposure on sand texture, adjustments to ocean colors • Hirochi Raceway: fixed stair collision on the stadium • Most maps were cleaned up and some behind the scenes errors were fixed Physics: • Small optimizations in physics core • Reduced FFB latency Features: • Forced launcher to run 32-bit version when system has low memory (less than 3. 7GB) • Forced launcher to run 32-bit version when Lavasoft Web Companion is installed on Windows 8. 1 and up • Added logging of reasons why launcher chooses not to run 64-bit version • Added CEF control texture to detect when browser doesn't send screen updates • Added normalization to Blinn-Phong specular; specular strength is not necessary now Input: • Added rumble effects for XBox gamepad controllers (work in progress). You can test them in Dashboard menu > Controls > Force Feedback > ThumbLX > Force Feedback Enabled > Apply. • Fixed accelerate+brake binding having a deadzone in the first half (affecting wheels with combined pedals, joysticks axis, etc) • Fixed FFB not working with some steering wheels and joysticks • Fixed FFB heavily impacting the framerates when certain controllers where plugged (e. g. Saitek R440, among others) • Fixed noisy/hi-res axes in one controller shadowing the rest of controllers even when deadzone was correctly set • Re-enabled Logitech G27 steering wheel LEDs User interface: • Fixed wrong app names in edit mode • Improved vehicle selector ordering • Added tooltips to control bindings; updated style • Doubleclick in vehicleselector works again • Fixed too big tiles on big or triple screens • Fixed a cursor bug on leaving the UI editor with ESC • Fixed "empty grey button" in controls assignment menu, happened when certain Windows Drivers took a bit longer to load after plugging a new controller • Fixed inability to create new bindings when a controller had no previous bindings • Selections are highlighted again Репутация 33 Пока нету мультиплеера, делать в этой игре особо нечего. Просто можно побить машинки, повыполнять задания и это от силы займет неделю, а так хоть с друзьями повеселишься. Я знаю, что тут можно на некоторых картах играть вдвоем, типа хотсит, но все же интереснее играть по локальной сети. Да прибудет с тобой мультиплеер! Репутация 3 играл как то в эту игру. физики разрушаемости у бетономешалки вообще нет. прикольная функция брать за точку у автомобиля и переворачивать автомобиль, однако если очень резко потнянуть, то будет какойто баг текстуры и она будет вытянута на км, а если такое провернуть с колесом, то его исказит очень сильно, но при этом это никак не повлияет на само колесо и колесо по-прежнему останется колесом Репутация 2 ком для игры нужен не слабый. потому-что графика,разрушение,т. д и т. п на высоте. когдато это был мой учебник по строению машины!) Репутация Репутация 9 Что там со сцеплением? Сколь помню, машины были как на льду, стоило лишь разогнаться до 60 кмч и выше. . . Репутация 5 Решил написать обзор с надеждой на то, что разрабы смотрят обзоры на это чудо! Немного непонятно почему многие придираются к таким вещам как отсутствие мультиплеера, мелкие баги и т. д. , ведь игра в раннем доступе, и как я считаю будет она там ещё довольно долго! Потому по сему, мультиплеер и прочие вкусности в игре будут присутствовать! Хотелось бы поделиться впечатлениями о будущем мультиплеере! На мой взгляд было бы просто отлично, если бы мультиплеер представлял из себя сервера с разным контентом. К примеру где-то проводились бы гонки, где-то было бы ралли(слава богу разнообразие одной такой карты это позволяет, а их тут достаточно), где-то были бы перевозки грузов и наконец драг рейсинг и погони копов за, так скажем преступниками, а и ещё Дерби!!!!! А теперь немного о самой игре и что это за творение. Не обращайте внимание на часы, на пиратке наигранно 150+ часов. Самая главная фича как вы могли заметить на скриншотах, это максимально реалистичная деформация автомобилей. Репутация Прекрасная игра, можно поразвлекатся к примеру дальнобойщиком подавить парочку машин перелететь на машине кучу других машин потестировать машин на прочность скорость короче кратко говоря 10 из 10 Репутация Игры выйти из комнаты Новые флеш игры выйти из комнаты для мальчиков и девочек. Самые популярные онлайн флеш игры из категории игры выйти из комнаты которые можно играть онлайн без регистрации бесплатно. Некоторые из мини игр можно играть также на двоих. Наш игровой веб-сайт предлагает играть в тысячи онлайн игр, в том числе самые популярные игры выйти из комнаты.

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