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The List Of Things Tamamo No Mae Is No Longer Allowed To Do In Chaldea

10 Tips for Playing Roulette and Winning a Fortune Here are a few time tested strategies you can apply and help you in winning a good sum of money. . . Roulette Tip 1# Roulette Tip 2# Always bet on outside chances whether Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low, Columns or Dozens. The returns are marginal here but they will help you in winning the game. Roulette Tip 3# Always keep checking the previous rounds or sessions of the Roulette as they will help any player in making predictions for their rounds. For instance, if a series of 10 red figures were to be spun in, the player will prefer betting on the red ones. This Roulette Tip is the most important factor or tip of many Roulette Systems and is usually used by many players who win consistently. Roulette Tip 4# This is important. Practice makes a man perfect. Start with a free table to get hold of the game, clear your doubts and then when you are confident enough, start placing your bets on a table where you play to win Roulette Tip 5# Reserve whatever you win. Example: You start with the amount of $50. After a couple of hours of playing you have a total sum of $100 which is equal to the profit of $50. Withdraw the amount or sum you won into your bank account. You cannot lose the game, you can only draw even. This is the most important Roulette strategy for any casino player. Always keep the money you win and play with your original amount put at stake. If you lose your stake within a short span of time, control your temptation to make more deposits in the future. Here comes the most important Roulette Tip for any player…always bet an amount you think you ca afford to lose. Roulette Tip 6# Always start with checking your table before playing. You need to concentrate. To consistently win huge sums of money, you must keep in mind that you are not competing with the casino. Focus only on earning profits. Roulette Tip 7# Always look for this rule before playing. Play only the European Roulette Table and never the American Roulette Table. The double 00 on the American Table increases the casino's profit margins and your chances of losing too at a faster pace. Roulette Tip 8# If you are playing online, you have to be doubly careful . always play with reputed casinos which publish their payout percentages. Always play with a casino with a Random Number Generator. Roulette Tip 9# This is only for the traditional casinos. Before starting your turn spin the wheel several times to check for biases if any. It is quite possible that a particular wheel generates more of odd numbers than even or vice versa. Roulette Tip 10# Always keep a printed version of these Roulette tips. Keep them while playing the game as they can be of great help to you while playing and winning a huge sum of money. The List Of Things Tamamo No Mae Is No Longer Allowed To Do In Chaldea 1. No, every ruler does not in fact need an evil chancellor. So I cannot "volunteer" to leyshift back to Rome and fill the role for Nero before she becomes a heroic spirit. 2. Not allowed to confuse Tamamo Cat further than she already is. Making her think her cat slash dog paws are bear paws makes things entirely too confusing for everyone else. 2a. Making her think they are the pastry bear paws instead of animal bear paws just makes things awkward at desert time. 3. Not allowed to upgrade "Polygamist Castration Fist" to "Polygamist Castration Rifle". Even if the target really is David and not Goshujin-sama, the original version will work just fine. 3a. Not allowed to use "Polygamist Castration Slingshot" either. While he may be one of the biggest playboys and womanizers in history, using his own sling is taking it too far. 3b. Any attempt to make a replacement sling for him in the immediate aftermath using his own sack is vetoed. This goes double if I try and do so while it is still attached to its owner. 4. Kiyohime and the concept of paolaos shall never meet. Kiyohime does not my need help to cause trouble. 4a. Not allowed to introduce Kiyohime to bronze bulls either. 4b. If it involves hot metal, I'm not allowed to introduce it to Kiyohime. 5. Before annoying the King of Heroes, I should take into account I have Divinity and act accordingly. 6. Before taunting Osakabehime about taking the spot of the resident fox in Chaldea, I will remember that her and Blackbeard are in a doujin circle and highly active on the digital art scene. 6a. If I fail to heed the above, I have no one but myself to blame when the market is suddenly flooded with R18+ Fox Girl doujins starring my likeliness. 7. The Yata No Kagami, while a personal possession and my Noble Phantasm, is also one of the Imperial Regalia of Japan. Therefore, I will treat it with dignity and respect. 7a. Using it as a washbasin mirror for my morning ritual does not count as treating it with respect. Or dignity. 8. The skill's name is "Imperial Privliege EX". Not "Nero EX Machina". 9. Before teasing Vlad III about how much more useful he is as a Berserker than a Lancer, I will remember he takes violent offence to Legend of Dracula. 9a. Even if I'm responsible for carrying him when he's in Berserker class. 10. Not allowed to use Leyshifts to haunt Abe no Seimei after my historical death. Heroic Spirit is no excuse, and I'm more of an Anti-Hero anyway. 10a. Not allowed to use Leyshifts to try and pose as Abe no Seimei's mother before my historical death for any reason. Goshujin-sama does not want to have to spend that much quartz to summon me again again. 10b. Not allowed to use Leyshifts to give Ashiya Douman ideas at any point in time. 11. Not allowed to ground Kintoki with a lighting rod just to stop his electricity from making my hair and tails frizzy. 12. Tamamo Cat is not actually a cat. Therefore, I will refrain from using "fox tails" of any kind to mess with her. 12a. I will also remember she, like the rest of the Tamamo Nine, has a grudge against me for cutting her loose like unwanted trash, and if I violate the above rule and end up shaved, it's my own damn fault. 13. "Polygamist Castration Shotgun" is not and will never be a thing. 14. When Nero is the focus of yet another event, I will hold my tongue and not insinuate that Sakurai's doing the writing again. 14a. Even if the event really is terribly written and wanks Nero to high hell, it is possible for other writers to be bad. 15. Not allowed to Leyshift back to ancient Israel and use Polygamist Castration Fist on David's living self. 15a. Contrary to what I may think, the above will have no effect on David's current Heroic Spirit self. If I have issues with this, I can refer them to Nameless. 15b. Even if I want payback for London, using it on Solomon while he's alive will have no effect on the Grand Caster version. If I have issues with this, I can refer them to Nameless. 16. Before using the Yata No Kagami to give everyone a Nero Upskirt, I will remember she has the front of her skirt transparent specificly to show off the contents of said skirt. Also, I will refer to Rule 6. 17. "Girls' Night Out" is vetoed if the members of the away party include myself, Shuten Douji, and Kiyohime. Especially Kiyohime. 17a. When Girls' Night Out is vetoed, can't just Leyshift to ancient Britannia to recreate the Forest of Meat using Circe's Noble Phantasm and the Pond of Wine using Shuten Douji's Noble Phantasm. 17b. Before drinking it, I will remember that Shuten Douji's Noble Phantasm is actually the sake she was poisoned with. 17c. Just because we survived drinking it and none of us were able to remember what happened afterwards, does not mean it had to be awesome and absolutely does not mean we should do it again. Especially when Chaldea had to enlist the druids' help to repair the damage afterwards. 18. Not allowed to play Sniper Elite with Inferno Archer. It's giving me too many ideas. 19. Chaldea does not need a catskin rug. So I can stop trying to convince Proto Cu Chulain and/or Atalante to hunt and skin Tamamo Cat. 19a. If Tamamo Cat catches wind of the above, I should be prepared for her to turn to the tables on me by rounding up the British Heroic spirits for a good ol' fashioned English foxhunt. 20. Not allowed to Leyshift Tamamo Cat to ancient Ulster and try to convince the living Cu Chulain that she's good enough as a replacement for that unfortunate hound he killed. A cat is not fine too. 21. If I've been roped by Osakabehime into being a booth babe for her circle during Comic Market, can't just Shapeshift one of my tails into clothes if I do not like the clothes she has given me to wear. Shapeshift wears off. The venue is public. 21a. While the results may indeed please the crowd and do wonders for Oskabehime's sales in the short term, they also do wonders for her ability to get invited back in the long term. 21b. If the doujins in question are a result of a violation of rule 6, a deliberate violation of rules 21 and 21a does not consitute acceptable payback. Ignoring this will result in having to sell the merchandise in question by myself while Osakabehime and Blackbeard are given a pass to go sightseeing. 21c. All income accrued as a result of a 21b violation is rightfully the property of Osakabehime and Blackbeard's circle, regardless if I autographed the porn books in question or not. Therefore, I will ask for a share of the money. Not try and pocket it and run. They know where I live. 22. Not allowed to offer Shuten Douji's sake to Nero, regardless of whether it is from Shuten's Noble Phantasm or not. Either way, no one wants a repeat of the bedlam which ensued. 22a. In fact, not allowed to offer Oni-grade sake to anyone other than Inferno Archer. Who is Most Definitely Not An Oni. 22b. No longer allowed to offer Oni-grade Sake to Inferno Archer. By mutual agreement of everyone in Chaldea, we will never speak of this again. 23. No longer allowed to play in volleyball tournaments with Kiyohime. We take it too far. 24. Just because I now have two tails to Tamamo Cat's one doesn't make me twice as Tamamo as her. 24a. Nor does have three tails make me three times as Tamamo as Tamamo Cat. 25. Not allowed to try and exorcise Berserkers in their sleep with Shinto rituals. They're not possessed, and it won't work. 26. Not allowed to tell Spartacus Nero is an opressor and sit back and watch the fireworks, unless I want Nero spilling my past as Daji and Bao Si to Spartacus too. That sword cuts both ways, and I will be stuck with the repair bill. 27. I will not give Nezha an excuse to turn me into a rare prism. So I won't crack jokes about channeling my past acts as Daji while in the presence of her. 28. Luxury salon visits for my tails and tails alone do not count as business expenses for Chaldea, and no ammount of logic will convice Da Vinci otherwise. Besides, we're in Antarctica, we don't even have taxes here. 29. While Elizabeth has indeed being growing in number over the past few years, asking her if Takeuchi draws her is rude. 30. "The Nursery kiddies asked me to, you know!" is not a justification for temporarily taking Origin Form and scorching Chaldea in the proccess. While a nine tailed fox may be central to the plot, most nine tailed foxes aren't also Solar deitiy bunreis. 31. Perverts don't actually bleed strawberry syrup or milk. So I can let Medb out of Carmilla's Phantom Maiden already. . . and put away the pancakes. 33. "Partying like it's the end of the Shang dynasty" is forbidden. Any attempt by me to circumvent this while on Chaldea's grounds will be met by an attempt by Nezha to send me back to the Throne. This goes double if Goshujin-sama is involved. 34. If the words "Polygamist Castration Grenade Launcher" ever cross my lips again, Chaldea is throwing together a SWAT team on the spot to deal with it. 35. Not allowed to Leyshift back to Septem, kidnap the living Nero and use my Shapeshift to take her place and deliberately lead the country to ruin just for old time's sake. Nero doesn't need the help. 35a. Not allowed to convince the Heroic Spirit Nero- either of them- to help by convincing them to take the living Nero back to Chaldea to hold a triple concert with herself. Any medical bills which pile up as a result will be paid for out of my pocket. 35b. Not allowed to use Rome's treasury to pay for said medical bills. 36. Tamamo Cat does not appreciate being taken for walks on the end of a leash. In fact, she rather objects to the original Tamamo-that is to say, yours truly- trying to do so. Violently. 37. Not allowed to seal Medb in her room with talismans in the morning to avoid dealing with her during the day. That means some poor son of a bitch is trapped in there with her. Without hydration. 38. Just because Vlad III and all the other offense-oriented Arts Servants need my Fox's Wedding skill every few minutes does not make them addicts. 38a. I am not Walter White or Pablo Escobar, and will not act like it when they ask me to use Fox's Wedding again. 38b. Greek deities in particular are infamous for being massive assholes. I will remember this before Euryale gets pissed enough to charm the enemy into beating the fox out of me. 38c. My netflix pivlieges are revoked if all I'm using it for is messing with my teammates. Just because my cards are never selected doesn't mean I have to kill boredom while the rest of the team is fighting for their lives. 39. While in Tamamo Shark mode, I am not allowed unsupervised access to the kitchen and Goshujin-sama's food. If Goshujin-sama "accidentally" falls unconcious after eating my handiwork again, the remaining duration of my summoning is directly related to how long Mash and Kiyohime take to hunt me down. 39a. This also applies to other Servant's food. Kiyohime's still suspicious about what happened that night when everyone slept a lot longer and harder than usual, and it's in my own best interest she not find out. 40. Osakabehime is not an outdoors person. I will remember this before dragging her to the beach on the hottest day of summer. 40a. If she ends up summoning her castle in an attempt to escape the sun and heat, it's my fault if the coastline is permanently altered. 41. While perfectly understandable, attempting to seal Medb in magical ice for one thousand years is overkill. 42. When Nero is actively using Migraine B, she doesn't need to leave the fight to take five and I should not encourage her to do so. 43. The skill's name is "Thrice-Setting Sun". Not "Cockroach Mode Activate!". 44. Ibaraki Douji is eminently bullyable. Everyone, especially Shuten Douji, can agree on this. This does not mean I should try and convince her that her own horns are made of pocky to see if she really would eat them. 44a. If I instead convince her that Shuten Douji's horns are made of strawberry candy, I'm the one dealing with the fallout. 44b. Convincing Ibaraki that Inferno Archer's horns are made of Twizzlers will also convince Inferno Archer I'm a wonderful practice target. 45. Kiyohime does not need additional strengthening. So I will refrain from giving her fire talismans and the knowledge of how to use them. No one will give use fire insurance as it is. 46. Not allowed to crank call Emperor Sutotku to rub it in his face that the other two Great Youkai of Japan have made it into FGO while he's still sitting on the Throne of Heroes. No one wants to deal with his curses. 47. Not allowed to trick Tamamo Cat into wearing a weighted swimsuit.

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She's liable to take it off and become a public disturbance, and as she has my face I will be the one dealing with the consequences. And the police. 48. Not allowed to challenge Meltlilith to a Bride-Off. As it turns out, Tsunderes react badly to being called out on the target of their affections. 49. If I challenge Nero Bride to a Bride-Off, I have only myself to blame if she shows up with a microphone and sound equipment. 50. Not allowed to trick people into telling white lies in the presence of Kiyohime. If I do, I am responsible for cleanup afterwards. 51. Recreating the Forest of Meat with Spicy Roulette Sweet Pastries and tricking Ibaraki Douji into trying to eat it all is cruel and unusual. She's not bright enough to stop after the first "miss". 51a. Not allowed to create a pool of soda pop laced with ghost pepper extract for the purpose of tricking Ibaraki into jumping in to drink it either. 51b. If Minamoto no Yorimitsu starts taking notes, I'm going too far in bullying Ibaraki. If Nezha is winding up her Noble Phantasm, not only have I gone way too far, I should be running. 52. Covering Nikola Tesla in liquid rubber in his sleep to keep my hair and tails from frizzing around him is going too far. 53. If I need to borrow No-Face May King from Green to escape from Nezha's wrath, it is going to be assumed I have violated something on this list. 54. I may, however, send Tamamo Cat as a sacrifical scout to unexplored singulairities as I please. 54. Not allowed to make unsanctioned alterations to the list, shapeshifted or not. Nice try Tamamo. Did you really think you could pull a fast one on this perfect genius? - Da Vinci. 55. If I attempt to mess with the kitchen to prank Tamamo Cat, I am also pranking everyone else on cooking rotation as well. This will have consequences when my meal is served. 56. BB is not actually a licensed nurse, veterinarian, surgeon or other medical professional. So I will not drag a drugged Tamamo Cat to her for a checkup. 57. If I attempt to drag Osakabehime from Summer Comiket to go to the beach, they will never find the body. Mine, that is. As Goshujin-sama would like to avoid having to save for my next rate-up again, I will refrain from this course of action. 58. While we are at the beach, I will refrain from publicly and loudly informing Nero Bride that her swimsuit has the exact same pattern as a popular onahole. 59. The very thought of a Polygamist Castration Sticky Fragmentation Grenade is forbidden. 60. If Medb is being "loud" at night, can't just stick fire talismans to her wall and seal the door to shut her up. Those electronics are valuable and difficult to replace. Instead, I should just threaten her with cheese to shut her up. 61. The proper response to realizing Minamoto no Yorimitsu learned a thing or two from Abe no Seimei is not trying to hit her on the head "just right" so she forgets it. An amnesiac Raikou, while actually appreciated by Kiyohime and Serenity, causes more problems than it solves. 62. Even if I'm on a stall team, it's considered bad manners to bring a folding chair, boxed lunch, and book to a fight. Even if we're fighting the goddamn hermit crabs. 63. Gifting Medb a pond full of melted cheese and the unconcious, drugged form of the various Cu Chulains on an island is cruel to all parties involved. The price for this prank will be paid once Cu Chulain Alter wakes up. 64. If Nezha discovers I've covertly encouraged Jack the Ripper to target pregnant women for the sake of appeasing an old curiosity or two of mine, my death won't even warrant a single round of combat. 65. While Lu Bu is indeed the Tamamo Killer, not allowed to lock him in a cage fight with Tamamo Cat. 66. Not allowed to fuck with BB's head by secretly moving objects in her room while she's out. 67. While actually appreciated, infiltrating a singularity ahead of time to weaken and bring down the villain from within is bad idea. Too many Heroic Spritis are genre savy about this, and my reputation precedes me- in more ways than one at this point. 68. Passionlip cannot use her hands. So using a permanent marker to write "Flotation Device" on her chest while she is asleep is not appeciated. Failure to heed this may result in being compacted as "garbage". 69. Not allowed to buy all the earplugs in Chaldea then sell them back right outside of Elizabeth and Nero's Joint Recital. 69a. A fair number of the Servants present in Chaldea were either outlaws or "classic" heroes. So I should not try to price gouge them unless I want my merchandise stolen. 70. Note to self: Trying to out-meta BB is a really, really bad idea, unless I want the next CCC event to feature "Tamamo Punching Bag". 71. Not allowed to try and get revenge on Elizabeth or Medusa for any events of Extella unless I want to sound the gong for Super Smash Bros Chaldea Edition. Considering that even collectively we couldn't afford the repair bill, instead we will collectively agree that those events "didn't happen". 72. The skill's name is "Alluring Nightingale A". Not "Spot The Lolicon". 73. Not allowed to enlist Moriarty's help in building a Polygamist Castration Device of any kind. Especially if the intended test subject is Holmes. 74. The Noble Phantasm's name is "Fintan Finegas", not "Fionn's Pacifier". Fionn would really appreciate it if everyone, not just Tamamo, remembered this. 75. When Suzka Gozen is summoned, the appropiate greeting is a polite welcome. Not a flamethrower. 76. Not allowed to convince Passionlip to do a swan dive into the deep end. All repairs for the pool will come out of my pocket. 77. Not allowed to crank call the rest of the Tamamo Nine to taunt them over the fact that Cat and I got in and they didn't. If Chaldea pays the price down the line, I'm going to have to pay it back. With interest. 78. During Winter either Comiket, I must stay within public decency guidelines while in the cosplay section if accompanying Blackbeard and Osakabehime. 78a. Must stay within public decency standards while in cosplay even if not accompanying Black and Osakabehime's circle. 79. Mikoooon! Is not, in fact, the universal language. I will use proper Japanese unless I want to be confused with Tamamo Cat. 80. Not allowed to complain that I still have not gotten to truly star in an event or chapter despite every other Servant from Extra getting signficant parts in various singularities and events. 81. Sealing the villain of the singularity in eternal ice is heroic. Sealing their privates with "Polygamist Castration Frostbite!" is an alignment check. Yes, even if I am Neutral Evil. 81a. Medb is an exception to the above rule. Seal away. -Mash Kyrielight 82. Not allowed to teach Saber Lily the Polygamist Castration Fist. She's too dangerous as it is. 83. BB does not appreciate retrieval of the interactions between her origin and a certain Goshujin-sama of the Moon Cell. Especially if they are then publicly broadcast through Chaldea. 83a. If BB obtains the Elizabeth and Medusa endings of Extella and broadcasts them through Chaldea as as retaliation, I am to turn the other cheek and end it there. Further escalation will result in a full-fledged Holy Grail War. 84. I will stick rigidly to the approved list of meats when cooking if I value my life. If I treat the Servants and staff of Chaldea to suspicious meat, Nezha will not hesitate to treat me to the Jack Bauer interrogation method until I spill the beans. 85. Going up to Minamoto no Yorimitsu and asking for a glass of milk "straight from the tap" is the same as asking for Goou Shourai- Tenmoukaikai. Failure to heed this rule may result in lots of property insurance claims on Chaldea's behalf. 85a. Attempting to pass the blame to Shuten Douji both causes the damage to escalate and results in their wrath converging on me in the end. Failure to heed this rule will result in a terrified Ibaraki. Again. 86. Suprisingly, attempting to remind Goshujin-sama of Kiyohime's actual age is incredibly bad for my health. I will remember this if I want to keep her friendship- and more importantly, my life. 87. I do especially if Nezha is around. 88. If Shuten praises me and asks for tips, I have gone too far. Regardless of whether it is related to Ibaraki or not. 88a. But should does not need the help. 89. Kintoki does not really appreciate being asked to hold onto rechargeable batteries during combat. Failure to heed this rule will invoke a certain "mother"'s wrath. 90. The skill is "Whim of Goddess A". Not "Budget Wedding E-". 91. Nero would appreciate it if I did not add her historical self to the Tamamo Fan Club mailing list on a whim. Ten times. 92. Not allowed to start a Polygamist Castration Fist Dojo. That will only lead to Tiger Dojos. 92a. The above goes double if Jaguarman is signed up. . . as an instructor. mostly innocent and pure, and I should keep her that way. 93. Unleashing Illya with her maid fetish on Tamamo Cat while the latter is in her second acscension is fighting dirty. 93a. Not allowed to secretly record the results of 93 and sell it on Chaldea's black market, no matter how much of a killing could be made thanks to the male staff and certain Servants. 93b. The fact Illya's Mystic Code likely made a recording as well is not a valid counter argument against 93a. 94. The motto of the Tamamo Nine is not "Nine Tamamo Enter, One Tamamo Leaves!" 95. Ushiwakamaru does not appreciate competition for head pats. If I want to keep my head on my shoulders, I will not try and steal her head pats. 96. Before teasing Kuro, I will remember she likes to drain mana and has a very particular way of doing it. If she ends up lewding me, I was warned. 96a. If footage of a 96 violation ends up on Chaldea's black market, my first suspect will be Illya's Mystic Code, Ruby. I will not use this as an excuse to try and convince King Hassan to bring me Tamamo Cat's head in the guise of upholding Chaldea's morals. 96b. If I ask King Hassan to bring me the head of a Tamamo, it is in my best interests I specify exactly which Tamamo's head I am talking about. Sanson was able to fix it up, but even he was impressed at the sharpness of the cut. 97. Not allowed to just ask Andersen for his tablet and queue up some Netflix if Irisviel and Waver join the party, even if we all know what's comming. 98. While appreciated to no end by her neighbors, it is kinder to just kill Medb than it is to seal her inside cheese. 100. I will not even joke about corrupting Xuanzang or leading her to temptation and ruin, unless I want to wake up with Nezha's lance lodged inside my head. No, not my bed, my head. 100a. If I somehow survive the above, I will need to wait for treatment just like everyone else in the infirmary. If I'm walking and yelling under my own power, it can wait. 101. Not allowed to take Jing Ke back via Leyshift for a "Do-Over". The established history will stay as-is. 101. It's "Whimsical Bond A". Not "Orion Castration Fist". 102. I will not attempt to raid Musashi's udon stash for a late-night snack unless I wish to experience her peerless swordsmanship first-hand. 103. Before ribbing Kojiro over how he never even really existed, I will remember he is known as The Savior of France for a reason, lest I loose even more tails. 104. Feeding anyone Kotaro's hyourougan rations is a violation of every human rights treaty in existence, especially when my own cooking is so much better. I will remember this unless I want to be dumped on the shores of Antartica and be forced to make my way back with nothing but said food pills as sustenance. 105. Although he hates it, the skill's proper name is "Legend of Dracula A+". Not "Legend Of the Edge". 106. No, I do not need to be subscribed to every bridal magazine that has existed throughout history. Nor do I need to set Chaldea to be billed for the subscription fees. 106a. If Kiyohime snarks I don't even need those as I am even more of a "maiden" than Osakabehime is, not allowed to try to start a full-fledged Holy Grail War to pay her back. 107. Poolside drinks I serve had better stick to ingredients approved for human consumption. Roofies are decidedly not part of that list, and I will avoid using them unless I want Kiyohime teaming up with Mash and Nezha to hunt me down. 108. If my Origin Unsummons Goshujin-sama to find out what the hell I have been up to, I better have a good explanation to Mash as to why She felt the need to Unsummon her Senpai in the first place. 108a. If my Origin does not return Goshujin-sama in the exact same state as they left, there will be consequences. Shield-shaped consequences. 109. I am a jackal fox, not a cat. So I need to come out from under the kotatsu in the winter time when there's work to do. 110. Chaldea does not need a Miko Squad. So I can stop bugging Chiyome about forming one. Chaldea tends to the brute force method of dealing with lingering souls and demons. Just ask Leonidas. 111. I will not forment discord in modern Japan in the hopes it will break up and fragment just so Oda Nobunaga can relive her glory days by trying to unify it again. 112. Just because I appear in three different mythologies does not make me three times as Heroic as the other Servants. 113. Using my conversations with Karna to convince him to fight with his brother at full strength is abuse of his trust in me. 113a. It doesn't matter if it's the middle of the Antartic winter, there are better means of getting entertainment. 114. Not allowed to annoy Kiara by contradicting her on the finer points of Buddhism. Leave that to Xuanzang, she's actually pure enough to not notice- or more importantly, understand- any underhanded attempts by Kiara to corrupt her. 115. Not allowed to abuse Ozymandias's accepting me as his little sister to get him to buy things for me, unless I want a one-way trip to the Egyptian underworld. 116. On a related note, Nitocris really does not appreciate insinuations that her mirror is a portal to the Shadow Realm. None of the Egyptian Spirits are overfond of that series, and I would be wise to remember that. 117. While appreciated, selling painkillers at the doors to Nero's live concert is in really poor taste. 118. Minamoto no Yorimitsu is one of the best Mystery slayers in history. I will remember this before using her Jocasta complex as joke material in her presence. 119. No one's buying it if I try to cover for Kiyohime's latest victim by claiming it was a burnt offering to Amaterasu. No.

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Just. . . no. 120. It is worth remembering when arguing with Minamoto no Yorimitsu that she aspires to be the exact opposite of a "Mother Fucker". Pretending to be shocked and disgusted at this is a great way to encourage her to give a demonstration of her Noble Phantasm. 121. It's "Magic Medicine A". Not "Irisviel's Shady New Drug A". That's Ruby's job. 121. The skill is called "Human Observation A". Not "Snarky Brat EX". 122. Meltlilith does not appreciate insinuations that her Melt Virus is a sexually transmitted disease. She also reacts violently to attempts to keep her from Goshujin-sama. Doing both at the same time is a fantastic way to ger her to give a personal demonstration of the Melt Virus. I will keep this in mind for the future. 123. If Medb asks me to hook her up with certain medicinal compounds I may or may not have used and abused to further my goals as Tamamo Shark, the first thing I need to do is not ask her if she has told anyone else. 123a. While no one really likes Medb aside from Fergus, if she disappears without warning I better bet there will be an investigation. We have Holmes. The outcome of this should be obvious. 123b. Teaming up with Moriarty to hide Medb's whereabouts from Holmes is not going to work if I'm the first, last, and only suspect in her disappearance. 123c. Dumping Medb back in ancient Connacht does not solve anything, and if Medb creates a new singularity in the proccess Moriarty and I have to drag her back and fix the mess ourselves. 124. Not allowed to stamp "Counterfeit" in permanent ink on Suzuka Gozen's forehead while she is asleep, unless I'm prepared for her to retaliate in kind. It is worth remembering she is familiar with gyaru fashion and is not afraid to weaponise it. I forget this at my own risk. 125. Cursing "Saint" Martha is both pointless and painful, no matter which version she is in. I will remember this unless I want Tarasque to take a vacation at my expense as I am forced to fill in for him. Perfect saint my tails! 125a. Complaining "Saint" Martha is more of a delinquent than a saint merely extends my stay as Tarasque's stand in. By one week each time. Martha will be out farming doors for each of those weeks. 126. Yours truly may have a noblewoman's laugh, but if at any time I start channeling Naga the Serpent to improve on it, everyone is selling me out to Nezha, Minamoto no Yorimitsu, and Abe no Seimei, should he have been summoned. Yes, everyone includes Nero. And Karna. And Jeanne D'Arc. And Jeanne D'Arc Santa Alter Lily. No one wants to deal with that, especially if the rest of the Tamamo Nine eventually come to Chaldea. 127. Not allowed to slap a !!WARNING!! FLAMMABLE! sign on Suzuka Gozen's back. No matter how much makeup she has on, it doesn't make her a fire hazard. 128. Tama-chan, my skill's name is "Mystic Eyes B+". Not "Steal Yo Husbando EX". -Suzuka Gozen 128a. Nor is it "Netorare Eyes EX", Tamamo. Mystic. Eyes B+. -Suzuka Gozen 128b. God fucking B+"! Do you Ohohoho. Big words from a fake fox posing as a fake highschool girl wearing a fake getup. I mean, isn't your entire image barely even at the level of being a cosplayer?? - Tamamo no Bae 129. If I pick a fight with Suzka Gozen or vice versa, we are banned from deploying our Noble Phantasms in the mess hall. If we fail to heed this, in addition to paying for the damage caused, we must also share the same room for the next seven nights and be deployed in the same party together for seven days. We will be farming Riders and Archers and Berserkers. Including Chimeras. Alone. Without backup. And no Craft Essences. 130. Not allowed to mess with NORAD's warning systems for my own amusement. No, not even to relive my days as Bao Si. 130a. This goes double if I attempt to use Arash to do so. 130b. I can use Enkidu just as soon as I finish explaining to Gilgamesh what exactly I am doing to the only one worthy to be his friend. The infirmary, morgue and summoning circle will all wait. 130c. Attempting to work with Oda Nobunaga to turn a grail into a bomb and set it off over North Korea is a one way ticket to Da Vinci and/or The Hague. For both of us. 130d. If Chibi Tamas get created from this mess, Nobu and I have to clean them up. In addition to the Chibi Nobus. And we still have to visit Da Vinci and/or The Hague afterwards. 130e. Not allowed to try and weasel out of it by telling Spartacus that the Hague and/or Da Vinci are oppressors. It won't work, Da Vinci's already prepared for that possibility. 131. On a related note, I am banned from coming within 100 feet of the grail storage room. 132. I may be Amaterasu's bunrei. However, if I am not in my third or fourth ascension, my tails are still flammable. When this happens, the appropiate response is to stop, drop, and roll. Not run around like a chicken with my head cut off and spread the fire. This should be a basic skill for anyone with a pre-existing friendship with Kiyohime. 132a. Even if we were just pen pals. Kiyohime's letters should have made her pyromania abundantly clear. especially the women. They all flock to talk to Nameless, and Nameless is the best damn cook we have, even including yours truly. It's not exactly difficult for him to arrange a week's worth of otherwise delicious meals filled with nothing but things that this Tamamo hates, while also keeping me off the cooking roster for the duration. Tamamo Cat wild gladly assist him with this. 133a. Any attempts at unleashing the Polygamist Castration Fist on Nameless as payback runs a real risk of instant and overwhelming retaliation by the original King of Knights. I will reflect on this while I spend the next week regenerating. 134. If Tamamo Cat and Suzuka Gozen manage to strike up a friendship fueled solely by a mutual black hatred for my existence, not allowed to attempt to recruit Illya to defeat them with the power of love. She not that kind of magical girl. 134a. Illya is not a certain "White Devil". So encouraging her to use even more firepower is not going "befriend" anyone. 134b. If Suzuka Gozen and Tamamo Cat genuinely bond in the aftermath, I only have myself to blame. I should refer to back to this list if I need to ask why. 135. There is no legitimate reason for me trying to take Origin Form while in Chaldea. I do not need all nine tails for anything, especially when the aftermath of returning to normal may spawn a new story arc on its own. 135a. If I can argue convincingly it's an attempt to save the Director, permission granted, but I better show tangible results. 135b. Goshujin-sama also better survive the mana drain, or I'm not going to survive the beating Mash delivers. Turns out, it doesn't matter if she lost her Servant form. A folding chair and a little reinforcement magic from Medea is all she needs. 136. I have no valid reason to "borrow" Mephistopheles's scissors. Even if I plan on giving them back eventually. not a valid reason. 137. Medb is most definitely not a virgin. So I should stop suggesting her as a virgin sacrifice to appease the gods of old while Leyshifted. Although her current neighbors will likely be incredibly enthusiastic, it will just immensely piss off the gods. 137a. Likewise, dragons generally specify a high-born virgin sacrifice. Medb is indeed of high breeding, and royalty at that. Her virginity, on the other hand, is mythical in its own right. So she is not an appropriate candidate for dragon bait and I should not suggest her for it. 138. Just because I want or own something doesn't make it "Tamamo no Mae-n". If that pun is heard again within the walls of Chaldea, Tamamo Cat has the right to lock me into a cage match with Lu Bu. Not even Gilgamesh's puns are so bad. 139. Not allowed to steal one of Suzuka Gozen's swords and replace it with a vibrator to see if she notices. While she may actually appreciate the trade off, it gimps her in a fight. 139a. Rule 139 does not apply if she is currently farming Amazons. In which case, I am allowed to do the above as it is actually amazingly effective. Just ask Penthesilea. 139b. If I cannot get it back, I will absolutely not start a Holy Grail War to do so. I will just purchase a replacement from Da Vinci like everyone else. 140. I am adorable. That is not and will not be disputed. However, not matter how adorable I may be, it does not excuse me for anything, so don't try it. We have Astolfo, Asterios, Jeanne D'Arc Alter Santa Lily, and many others who are adorable in their own right. That tactic won't work. 141. I should not taunt that shitty cock wizard that I still carry the one viable meta that he cannot. The day he gets a strengthening, I will face a reckoning. 142. Meltlilith does not appreciate her combat prosthetics being switched with pirate peg legs. 142a. Attempting to steal Passionlip's arms, while actually appreciated by her, is utterly pointless. She weighs over a ton for good reason. . . and no, it's not her tits. 142b. If I steal BB's slot machine, I am responsible for what happens afterward. 143. If I curse Suzuka Gozen to shatter any mirrors she looks in, it's my fault if she accidentally breaks a window leading to the outside. We live on a mountain in Antartica. Replacement windows are not cheap. 144. Attempting to steal Suzuka Gozen's underwear while she is in the bath and replace it with a set lined with capsaicin is pointless. To put it mildly, as I now know, she's not exactly the biggest fan of undergarments to begin with. 144b. Not allowed to break Goshujin-sama's brain with this revelation. As hilarious as it is to watch their interactions with Suzuka afterwards, Mash does not appreciate it. 144c. Not allowed to break Mash's brain with this revelation either. Although she makes for a hilarious steaming tomato, we need her functioning. Not beet red and stuttering every time she tries to talk with Suzuka. Or Goshujin-sama. Hmmm. . . 144d. If I use the Yata no Kagami to give everyone a Mash Upskirt one week later, there is no force in heaven or hell that will save my life. This goes quintuple if one of the people I give a show is Goshujin-sama. Also, Rule 6. 145. It is a flagrant waste of magical energy to convince Nero to just invoke Domus Aurea if she cannot secure the auditorium for her guerrilla concert. 146. Not allowed to trade tail fluffs for Fous. That's just playing dirty. 146a. Not allowed to trade tail fluffs for grails. Have I no shame? (Of course not!) 147. Any suggestion of mine is vetoed if it's clearly a ploy to get Tamamo Cat killed and make it look like a not-so-tragic accident. 148. Not allowed to prank Tamamo Cat by spraying a dragon with silver vine. This goes double if the dragon in question belongs to a certain staff-wielding Rider. 149. Goshujin-sama would appreciate it if I don't put a curse on them involving cold and hot water and gender bending out of boredom. That being said, Mash doesn't seem to mind quite so much. . . 150. If Tamamo Cat and Suzuka Gozen's attempt at vengeance goes horribly wrong, I am not to actively make the situation worse just to get my own event or singularity out of the debacle. 83 comments 5. 6. 6. 7. 7. How to Win at Roulette Let's study in detail what a player is recommended to do at a roulette table in order not to leave the casino broke, no matter where he or she plays - online or in a real casino hall. 1. Never buy roulette systems and strategies One of the most important roulette tips is to ignore strategies that promise you wins all the time and especially those that are sold for real money. There is not a single method of winning at roulette as all the numbers come up at random and the previous number cannot and will not influence the next one. Avoid expensive computer systems, most of them are not effective and some are even considered illegal. If you play in an online casino, you can simply forget about any winning systems as here existing betting methods can only help to structure the gameplay but not to increase the probabilities of the definite numbers coming up. 2. Don't waste time searching for biased wheels Today due to modern technologies used in casino security systems and regular quality tests it is merely impossible to find a roulette wheel with even the smallest defect or wear. Online roulette that is in fact a computer program can't be biased anyway. What is more, online casino games are considered to be the most accurate and honest as they are all certified and regularly checked by trusted gambling authorities. 3. Choose European roulette wheel When you are in a casino and have the choice of two different roulette tables, make sure you pick the European one to decrease the house edge. Because of the additional double-zero pocket American-style roulette has a higher house edge (5. 3%) than European roulette (2. 7%), which provides players with higher chances of winning on each spin. If you play roulette online, you can even try no zero roulette which has no casino advantage. 4. Avoid placing inside roulette bets too often Remember, although a single number bet pays out 35 to 1, it can be guessed very rarely and most of the times these bets are lost. Therefore you should start with even money bets. You can also try some of the 2 to 1 bets and place a couple of chips on 4 or 6 numbers. This way if you win on some of the big bets (4, 6 or 3 numbers) you will not only compensate all losses, but also win some extra chips. However, remember one of the most widespread roulette tips - to play with small chips and not to risk a lot as the chances of winning and losing are exactly the same. 5. Set a bankroll and manage your money Manage your bankroll and do not bet everything you have on one spin. Split the money over a long time and play with small amounts. Pocket the whole win or at least part of your winnings in order to have a gain. You can use traditional systems that deal with betting limits, but use them carefully as you risk anyway. 6. Practice a lot before real money game If you play roulette for profit and your aim is first of all to win as much as possible rather than to have fun, it is better to practice playing free roulette before betting real cash. If you follow any of systems or strategies, it is also good idea to see how it works in practice to decide whether it is effective one or not. You always can train your roulette skills playing on the Internet as all online casinos have a fun money mode for all games. 7. Enjoy the gameplay Roulette is a game of chance and luck, therefore have fun and relax as nothing more than the bet made depends on you. Order drinks, communicate with players at a table and try not to get frustrated when you lose. But if you go on tilt, it is time to quit the game, at least for some time, and come back after you calm down. Must See Latest roulette news