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I found 3Dice about 8 years ago after playing every casino on the net. I was new to the whole online experience - signing up - playing "no deposit" intro chips and then learning of the outrageous wagering requirements and the low payouts - and that is if you were lucky to even get paid. I caught so many viruses I had to toss 2 computers in 3 years. I was so skeptical when I signed up and found 24 hour-a-day tournies, which are awesome by the way, playing for REAL money with REAL cash outs and, yes, getting paid. The chat room has become like family to me and the CS is always LIVE ready and available to help. Please, if you are reading this, come join us. See you there! I've been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to think of something negative. I guess if I had to be honest, I've won so much that the dry spells have become a real drag - lol. Thankfully, I can always look forward to my next big win!! What sets 3Dice apart from any other online casino is that 3Dice is not just a gaming site. . . It's a community. I have played on numerous gaming sites for many years, but until I played at 3Dice I always felt like something was missing, and it was. Through it's real-time chat-room, 3Dice offers the opportunity to experience the social aspect of being in a crowd filled casino. I have met a worldwide assortment of players, and consider myself lucky to actually count a number of them as friends. When it comes to exciting and fun games to play, 3Dice is at the forefront. Their games will never bore you, even when it seems like they aren't spitting back the coins fast enough. The best part is when they do start spitting coins at you it is hard to find a bucket big enough to hold them all. I have played a lot. . . won a lot, and lost a lot, and and had more fun doing all of it at 3Dice than any other site online, and I have played at most them. Getting down to the money of it, I can honestly say that I have never had a problem with cashouts and any issues that have come up with depositing have been rather skillfully solved. The reps at 3Dice are amazing, they not only listen to you they actually seem to care, and best of all, work with you solving any questions or problems you might have. Gambling is supposed to be a form of entertainment, and 3Dice certainly never disappoints, whether it be playing their games or simply visiting the chatroom. With all that having been said, it is important to remember that any casino is in business to make money, and if they can't do that then why would they bother being in business. I know that from my experiences playing both on land and online when I walk away with my pockets empty it is most likely due to my rather compulsive inability to know when to quit. At 3Dice I often leave empty handed, but I am usually more at blame for that then they are, and on the occasions when I do have bulging pockets and make it out, 3Dice makes it easy for me. My negative experiences at other casino's online, trying to cash out or just receiving adequate assistance with questions or problems led me to 2 years of not playing online at all, until I stumbled across 3Dice completely by accident. Now there is no other place I would rather play than 3Dice. If there is a negative side to 3Dice other than any usual one associated any casino, I am unaware of it. I do wish they would bring out some new games, but otherwise I am good to go. . . speaking of which I gotta go spin, so thanks for reading. If there is a negative side to 3Dice other than any usual one associated any casino, I am unaware of it. I do wish they would bring out some new games, but otherwise I am good to go. . . speaking of which I gotta go spin, so thanks for reading. Far and away my favorite casino (I am a US player). With instructions from their support team, I was very quickly and easily able to set up a Bitcoin wallet and fund it (and no, I don't know a thing about bitcoins). It takes me about 3 minutes to fund my wallet with my bank debit card and then transfer the money to 3Dice. Another great thing is there are no red flags for my bank, as Bitcoin transactions are legal. BUT! Here's the GREATEST THING! Last weekend I won and cashed out around 10pm on a Saturday night. I sent an email to my customer service rep with a Bitcoin address I easily got from my wallet. She transferred the funds WITHIN 2 HOURS! They were available in my wallet!!!! I then transferred them to my Bitcoin debit card ( again 3Dice tells you how to easily get one!) and my funds were instantly available on my debit card! 2 hours later!!! To me, that is revolutionary! I have been playing online in the US for at least 15 years and this is the biggest breakthrough I've experienced yet. I urge you to try the Bitcoin experience with them, you won't be sorry! Ever since I discovered 3Dice, I've been enjoying it. I had never seen a casino where you can have fun every hour, that is, the hourly tournament available to the players is one of the most I like about 3Dice. I had a fixed allocation for my monthly "entertainment money" so if ever I didn't have the luck to make it last, those tournaments gives me the entertainment I need and I do have a fair share winning some and on several occasions, made some withdrawals from those tourney wins. And who could ever forget those generous players sponsoring tournaments. I think only in 3Dice that happens. And also the chat is good, you can interact with the other players while playing. And of course, the customer service . . . . the best in my books. T hey are so helpful and friendly. And also 3Dice has the lowest wagering requirements whether it is a tournament wins or a deposit match bonus, 10 x WR for tourney wins and 5x WR for match deposit bonus. Other casinos' WR can go as high as 40 x. And there is the weekly contest for most spins, most re triggers, most games played, etc. . . where first prize gets 100% match bonus up to $100 and hold your breath. .

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. WR is deposit + match bonus x1 wow. . . so for me, they are the best! Not winning all the time :) I just hope that some new games be available soon. 3Dice, hands down, is the best of all the online casinos out there, ESPECIALLY for US players. There is always a rep available to help in their live chat, and response is always quick. The games are unique and the wins/losses are fair. One of the best things about this casino is that their no-deposit bonuses (which is earned by a player based on previous deposits) do not come with a max cash-out (in addition to a very small play thru). Their loyalty rewards are decent and another great feature is all depositing players get to participate in the free tournaments that run all day long. Although their deposit options are limited, they more than make up for it in other areas! Most of all, Anna and the entire staff at 3dice are amazing! Deposit options are players can only deposit using bitcoin or via a broker from another player. Even so, I haven't come across too many instances where I was unable to deposit. Their cash-out time is great! The last time I cashed out, it took less than 3 business days from the time docs were verified to the time the money arrived in my account. Now, you have the option of brokering your winnings to other players looking to deposit, in which case, you get the money instantly into your account (ie. via paypal). I have personally played at 3Dice for several years now, and of course there has been some ups and downs. As with any casino in the industry, there will be some problems from time to time, especially for players in the USA. That being said, 3Dice has always tried to stay on top of the situation and continue to work on any issue or problem until it has been rectified. I have personally won several thousands of dollars here and have never had an issue with getting my money, never once and I am from the USA. In all fairness, playing at any casino should be fun, and it should be based on how you feel about playing there. You can go to any forum here on the web, type in a casino name, and I would just about guarantee you that there will be someone that is disgruntled at one time or the other. This is where you have to use your own knowledge and experiences and base your willingness to play or not to play on your own experiences, not the experiences of others. As we all know, sometimes people fabricate problems or issues that have later on been proven as false. For the person that mentioned processor issues being an issue at 3Dice in the past; processor issues have been a problem at many casinos. I am not an expert on this, it is my opinion only, however I would imagine that this type of industry would have problems periodically. Again, here you have to ask yourself the question, how did this casino handle my request of situation? In all fairness, there are enough things to worry about without having to worry about something that does not exist, or is temporary. 3Dice games are unique, different, and honestly some of the most fun games out they hard to hit sometimes? Yes, however when they do, in most instances a small bet can amount to a substantial amount. I have played at other places, even before the restrictions for USA players were in place, and I can still stay that I have enjoyed the games at 3Dice, as well as the community where one can be a part of. For those of you that have not been at 3Dice for awhile, stop in and say hello. We are a friendly bunch and if you give them a chance, you will have a pleasant experience. Will you win all of the time? No you will not. Nor will you any where else you play at. Hope to see you soon. The major dislike that I have in regards to 3Dice is that I just hope in the future new games will be available. This is one department that I truly believe needs addressing. That being said, when you play a game at 3Dice it is just a game with the components of other games similar with different names. Each game gives a different persona. We just need more =) UPDATE: Although I love playing at 3dice. . . . I have noticed that my play time is sometimes course, I'm sure that applies to other places as well, however, for instance, since my last win, which I was believe Sept a huge amount but not small either, the games have done nothing for me. I am not a small depositor compared to some nor am I a huge depositor compared to some, however I do deposit quite a bit of money each month (I am a gold2 for those that know 3d). I am not talking about "winning", I am talking about playing. I can put in $100 and it not last 10 minutes. I do understand that the variance and the bet make a difference, however I am talking about $1 on a medium variance wins are sometimes way too far apart for the amount of money one puts in. I do understand that this is probably the norm for most places, however I have noticed the play time is lower here with the same amount of money deposited in comparison with other places that I play from time to 's not all about being said, I am not trying to be negative about 3dice, as my previous review shows my love and respect for r if I am being totally honest, I have to include this assessment as well. If there was an award for losing your way in the on-line casino industry I think 3Dice would be the strongest contender I could possibly imagine to take the gold medal. I was a regular player here, depositing and playing almost every week for over a year and making a withdrawal once a month perhaps if I was lucky. Without fail I could put in a request to have my money sent to my Skrill e-wallet and the funds would be received some time the same day, often as little as an hour or so. Then out of nowhere things just started to go wrong. . . The last time I requested a withdrawal it hadn't been paid after 48 hours so I contacted support and was informed they were having problems with their processor. Fair enough I thought, although I did wonder what processor they could be referring to considering it was a Skrill withdrawal as I thought those were only necessary for players requesting to be paid by cheque or card. Another two days passed by and I decided to take a look in the on-line forums to see if anybody else had experienced problems. To my horror I discovered that some players had been waiting almost a month for their withdrawals to arrive. Some people were awaiting a payment of thousands of dollars and were being given excuse after excuse my 3Dice. It became clear this wasn't just a fleeting issue when people started reporting being unable to deposit funds at the casino either, although according to 3Dice this was only an issue for players based in the US. I wasn't willing to attempt making a deposit myself to find out if that was true. I accepted there was a chance I may not be going to see my money and had started to forget about it when almost a month later the money showed up in my Skrill account. There was no communication from 3Dice during this time and when I did try and chase them up myself they were unable to give me any firm answers. I'm actually surprised that they are still in business and from what I hear these problems are now long behind them and things have returned to normal, but the experience really put me off and I haven't been back since, which is a real shame as I used to enjoy playing the slots and games at this casino. Their software is completely unique and unlike anything else available on-line, including some fantastically high paying slot machines and a great variety of different Video Pokers. USA players don't have a great deal of choice for where to play and if I was living over there I expect I'd probably be more willing to give 3Dice another chance as it must be extremely dull being limited to just a handful of RTGs and a bunch of extremely shaky Rival casinos, but as a UK player I have far too many good options now to take another chance on 3Dice. While I was searching welcome bonuses I found 3Dice Casino.

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I saw that they have good casino rank score here at AskGamblers so I decided to claim 110% bonus. I download their software and I was ready to do deposit. Their casino software is unique as well as the games. At first I was a little confused because of casino lobby. I took some time to looked at the lobby, where are slots and some other stuff. They offer forum and live chat with other online players. When I found slot machines, I tried them out. Well first I made deposit. I deposit 20€ and later in the cashier I activate the bonus. After the bonus was credited I started to play. I must say that I tried almost all of their slots. When I came to The Star Struck game I didn't changed it. I liked this game because; it was the only one at that time which paid me more than the others. I thought that I'll have the best chance to clear the wagering requirements at Star Struck slot machine. My balance was at 80€, but I had to wager 800€ more. I decided to raise bet per spin. At the beginning I won 20€ but after that my balance went down. In the end I lost all money. Overall I had nice time here but I think I won't make another deposit here. The main reason is because I liked only one game -The Star Struck game. I haven't tested live chat support because I didn't have any problems with deposit or bonus. I can't say anything related to cash outs because I didn't managed to do that. I can't rate this casino with more than 5 stars. I liked only one game here and that's it. There are many memorable casino that I played before but the great one of them was 3Dice Casino. As you can see their innovative unique games specially the slots are so few unlike in the other Casino and their well known games. The reason behind this is that they're the owner of their software the Angle gaming labs software and believe it or not they also designed some of the famous Online games that's why it's so notable for me. Oh man! I don't know how can I compliment their good service and also I'm so pleased that I will share my great experiences and observations to 3Dice Casino. Okay, I will focus to their forum including everything for assistance and clarifying like live chats and customer support geniality. The support team are so outlandish I didn't remember anything that they bother me, I always instantly contract them via Live chat and they respond rapidly excellently and also the other means of chat support the telephone assistance I assure you that any rampant customer that is complaining will be touched to their great customer representative. Another interesting feature of 3Dice casino is their informative and diverse forum and listening music while playing where all of the related or even unrelated topics can be answer by the other real players but sometimes they're not helpful based on what I learned, but just like what I said their customer representative is just a seconds their to answer your query they're also actively participating to their own page like their lovely tournaments announcement where I am so addicted but didn't yet won any good grand prize I'm just kidding I won several times. The most exciting part of their forums is their integrity where you can browse the statistics of the RTP of every games that was based previously is that not great? If it's doesn't impress you there's more redoubtable things, like the graphical design of slots even though it's not that so astonishing like Mircrogaming/NetEnt based games but they're quite nice games. When it comes to their system of bonuses I think they must look forward to expand it cause it's always a standard bonus. How about their deposit and withdraw processes? Even though bitcoin was one of the fastest payment processor that just a second this impressive casino can managed to processed my credits just 10 hours by the time of requested withdrawal! This very well respected casino was indeed fit to my casino expectation. 3Dice is one of that rarest of breeds these days- a completely bespoke on-line casino with unique games developed in house that are not available anywhere else! This is all the more interesting because they have been around for a long while now, whereas many other casinos who tried to use this model fell by the wayside a long time ago. In fact, Slotland / Winaday are the only other one that springs to mind right now, and their offering is leagues apart from that offered at 3Dice. Still, with so many great casinos open to UK players, I somehow didn't catch on about 3Dice for a long time- perhaps because their games are not widely available so are not discussed anywhere near as much as the popular titles from MG/NetEnt and the like. I guess even the fact that they remain open to players from the USA made me a little suspicious too, after all that market is dominated by very dodgy RTG, Rival and Top Game outfits. All of this scepticism was entirely unfounded however. When I eventually did sign up at 3dice, I made a small deposit, and received a 110 percent bonus. I played a variety of slots, my favourite of which was Arctic Adventure- this monster of a game has the potential to award 100 free spins at 10 x multiplier! Eventually I went bust. Now her's the magic part- 3dice offer a 'rainy day fund' feature, which allows you to borrow some additional money without wagering requirements, in order to continue playing- if you win, they simply deduct this money from your next withdrawal. This is a very unique feature, and I think its awesome! As for the rest of their offering, the slots have a great range of themes and high/low variance, they offer more video poker variants than pretty much anywhere else online, and although their blackjack and other table games are a little simplistic, they all look great and play fair. Every game is rendered in hardware 3d, meaning this is a casino that looks leagues ahead of pretty much any other visually- I do not know of any other casino that uses the graphics hardware in your computer to increase the visual quality of their casino games. WIthdrawals are fast and easy- always the same day back to my Skrill account. This is truly a great online casino. I think casino here got shady thing going on behind scene. I took welcome bonus deposit 100 euro play for a while finally bust me. Next month I deposit 3k euro and play the slots at high bet and never return even modest bonus. Just take. I uninstall casino, come back 2 month later, deposit total for month 5k euro to try blackjack game because I like at other casinos and sometimes win. At 50 euro bet max it took all 5k and dealer get 20 and blackjack so much more often than me. I email Anna, the support manager, tell her how can this be so crooked and she closed my account because I call her a liar. That game is honest. I live in Romania and never again would I play 3dice casino or tell friend to play here, much better option out there. I lose almost 10k euro here and never even get cashout of any amount. Let me start out by saying that I was an everyday player on casino until I finally had enough and closed my account permanently. I have never had to close a casino account before but I finally came to my senses when it came to 3Dice casino. I couldn't be happier with my decision to close 3Dice as I feel they are by far the best casino on the net. However, US Players are desperate with a lack of options and they are lured in by the hourly free tournaments that 3dice offers. More on that later in the review. I became highly suspicious of 3dice casinos blackjack after I played over 20,000 hands of blackjack with near perfect basic strategy and kept getting my butt handed to me. No matter what there was never any long- term player runs. The software seemed to be programmed with a RTP rather than a random deck of cards meaning that the player could never have a true natural run because the RTP kicks in. I was foolish to continue playing the blackjack at 3dice. I also asked for my lifetime RTP on their classic blackjack game and was told that it was 96% to which I complained was rather low given that their hold on the game playing basic strategy for their rules should be no more than .

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5% Their response was 96% is good and the player shouldn't be complaining. So how could it be that over a very large sample I was running 3% lower than expected? The game without a doubt is RTP based and not dealing a natural deck of cards. I advise anyone to stay away from 3Dice table games. You've been warned. Depositing/ Withdrawls: They have very few options when it comes to depositing. One popular method they endorse is player to player transfers which they call Brokers. How this works is through the 3Dice chat room, you agree with someone else to send them money to their PayPal and they send you funds on 3Dice. I will strongly advise against doing this because you are processing a illegal gambling transaction if you reside in the United States. Of course 3dice likes this option as it keeps the money in house and recycled through their slots rather than having to send a player a withdrawal. Also it takes the responsibility of them processing an illegal gambling transaction and puts it on the player accepting the payments or at a risk of losing their PayPal account if they were investigated. Managing a sizable withdrawal out of 3dice is nothing short of a miracle but if you are lucky enough they will send you cash in an envelope. Generally, it will come certified or Priority mail from a fake law firm in Los Angeles, California. Keep in mind, however, if you happen to hit it big say 5-10k they are going to stall your payments and limit you to 2k at a time giving you plenty of time to lose a good portion of your winnings back. If you are disciplined this shouldn't be a problem but again they limit you to 2k max cashout every 4-5 days and only until a withdrawal is completely processed can you submit a new one. Free VIP depositor tournies: One of the big lures the company uses to keep players on its site is offering around the clock tournies with cash prizes. Its a nice feature however, your chances of ever winning anything off the $10 prizes are slim to nothing. During my time there, I won well over $10,000 in tournament winnings and rarely managed to ever get a balance above $50-$100. It happened a few times then the software games took it straight to zero every time when the bet was upped to a few coins per line. In my opinion, either the games are so incredibly tight that winning is damn near impossible at this casino or they have a rig set in to not allow players to win anything significant from the tournament prizes. You be the judge. They don't update their game selection very often. So you are stuck playing the same slots over and over and over. I think the owner gave up putting more money into development of the casino and introducing new games or they don't have the cash to make anymore. Again with my long history there also playing the slots, I put millions of spins in real money mode and a win over 100- 200 x your bet is extremely rare. Their customer service is highly touted but my opinion of the casino manager Anna has been that she will be nice to you until you ask to cash out. Then the tone changes. If you ever had to get a broker deposit you can be sure that she will use that against you and demand that you in turn broker out your winnings instead to other players. However, if in that position, don't give in. I repeat don't give in! Submit a check withdrawal no matter how guilty she tries to make you feel about various ways you deposited into the casino. It's all a strong arm tactic to keep the money in house and not have to pay players. Trust me, I've been there with Anna and she will do anything to trick you to cashout from the casino and either lose it back or coerce you into processing illegal payments for other players. I only wished I had closed my account much sooner than I did but I kept thinking that eventually a big win would come and the one time it did come it was such a pain and hassle to try and cash it out that I ended up losing most of it back out of pure frustration. Thanks for taking the time to read my review and I know this review is long and mostly negative but I feel potential players need to know both sides of how 3Dice casino operates from a player who has been there, done that with this small-time operation. If you are a US player, I know options are limited but there are way better casinos you can choose than 3dice. 3dice casino is well known on different forums, and some people even from Europe are happy with this casino, and call it one of the best. I disagree with this, I did not see anything amazing with this casino, or anything really superb whichbetter than Guts casino or Betat casino or 32red. I agree that this is one of the best casino for players from USA, and also this is really great casino at all, but I can't say that I like, or that I can fight with Guts, for example. I have made in this casino around 5 deposits, and also had two withdrawals. Withdrawals are quick, yeah, first took 6 hours with verification, second took 15 minutes to Skrill, this is great speed. Also they had always interesting promotions, some bonuses, and other things. But I would like to complain about game selection, which in my opinion really is poor, moreover most games are just boring, and only few high variance is interesting. In total there is no more than 30 slots or so, and this is really not good. I can't see myself depositing on this casino usually, when I had Microgaming and NetEnt. For people from USA this is great place to play with fast withdrawals and great service. But for me as I am from Europe it is nothing really special. My two withdrawals I made after playing table games, because slots on this casino are not lucky for me, and I cant' win anything playing their games. Blackjack and roulette are much better, and at least I cover some losses, and even finish with some profit. 3dice casino is one of the most safest online casino, this is true. Their customer service is one of the best, this is also true. Bonuses is average, withdrawals are super quick. But games selection is just not interesting in my eyes. But even so, I can't rate this game with less than 8 stars. I decided to try 3 Dice Casino because I was told that they have amazing 3D machines as well as daily free rolls. I experienced there what it really looks like playing in third dimension and I don’t regret it at all! Slots in general have different options, including bonus rounds and options to double wins. I had the chance to check up some of them, I can cite for example the Happy Valey slot. Bets obtainable here are numerous and much better than on a real racecourse. Wagers vary between $0. 01 and $3, which is highly advantageous. It is also possible to play this slot with different multipliers. Besides, free spins are available every time you go to another bonus round. This is actually a great slot with pretty interesting themes, features and betting options. It is also excellently designed. Fortune Falls and Stick Shifter are also innovative and original. As you can well imagine, 3 Dice Casino is above all a worth visiting website for the quality of its 3D slots. Bonuses at 3 Dice are attractive. Note that the bonus is fully cashable and you can play on any game in the casino.

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I personally preferred playing with my own money; I was impatient and I couldn’t wait to clear the wagering requirements. After the video slots, I rushed into the European roulette, placed my bets and start spinning. Roulette at 3 Dice Casino appears to be fair, at first sight. But I can’t draw any fast conclusion from a few sets of numbers советы крупье. But I can’t draw any fast conclusion from a few sets of numbers. Tournaments at 3 Dice are well organized советы крупье. Tournaments at 3 Dice are well organized. I don’t play them too much, but I’ve had some good rounds playing real money there. 3 Dice customer support is always available, helpful and competent. E-wallet withdrawals are made within a few minutes. All in all, it seems everything at 3 Dice Casino is running fairly well. I hope it stays that way! This casino is like the other 2 great platforms, some of this is like Microgaming software if you want a substitution. Their exotic promotion in your first deposit bonus is interesting you know why? They offered me first deposit bonus because new player at this casino will get 110% bonus up to $100 and 250% in comp points, Bronze VIP level to get you started in the loyalty bonus program. I will tell you that they also have VIP treatment to their players here how it works. All play there from your real money deposits at 3Dice contributes to your 3Dice VIP level. The first and eleventh and twenty first of the month the total for that period is counted. When your play level changes, you will earn or lose a star that's the consequences and your current VIP level will be adjusted accordingly. Based on that VIP level, you will receive various bonus offers to reward you for your play at the 3Dice casino that's it. My current level their is silver because I played few months before so I got match bonuses in the range of 45%- 180% and no deposit bonuses from $10 to $25 and an invitation email bonus worth $500 loyalty. That's the player advantage even if you are newbie to there casino. The slot that I played is Kyoko's Quest a video slot machine that is a 5 reel, 243 ways video slot game. Although this slot is not like the other Microgaming slot I will assume that their slot is good in gaming! Okay I bet $1. 10 per spin maximum of lines that ninja slot is very amusing because of animation when you win it's because of the lucky cat! I won $87 from that slot and in the other slots. The gaming experience is very nice and i like it. I rated this casino 8. 5/10 over all but the withdrawal is excluded 9/10! 3Dice Casino JURISDICTIONCura ao SOFTWARE3Dice 3Dice Online Casino is Powered by Proprietary Software review. In the mood for something different? Try 3Dice Casino, where 3D slots reign, random jackpots are awarded, and you’ll have a birds-eye view of over 80 online games from cards to video poker, so you can strike while the iron and the payouts are hot! Providing more transparency than political campaign promises and most of the windows in my house, 3Dice Casino lays it all out on their many virtual felt tables. Everything, from which slots are currently hot to the overall payouts of the casino, is right there in front of you-even before you do any downloading. Three Dice Casino Promotions: The 3Dice Casino welcome bonuses lean more heavily on player points rewards than actual deposit matches, although you’ll get a little of everything when you sign up. Three-Dice casino puts most of its bonus weight in its customer loyalty program-you’ll have to earn your keep with steady play, but they reward you pretty handsomely for your efforts: VIP Club: Loyalty bonuses are where “the magic happens” so to speak-the more you play at Three-Dice Casino, the higher your bonuses become. All players start out on the Bronze level, where you can get anywhere from 15% to 30% reload deposit matches. Random Draw and Progressive Jackpots: Every time you play, you’re automatically entered into drawings for additional bonuses and jackpots. Comp Points: One comp point for every $20 wagered; you can trade 500 comp points for $25 instantly withdraw-able cash. High Roller Bonuses: If you have cash to burn, 3Dice Casino offers a high roller welcome and VIP bonus program; up to $1000 in free money every time you deposit. For the purposes of this review, I use U$D as the currency; 3 Dice Casino also accepts €uros and Pounds Sterling (£). Whichever currency you use will remain consistent from deposit to withdrawal. And remember; the names and bonuses may change in time, so visit 3Dice casino online for the complete and updated information. 3Dice Casino Games: Three-Dice casino brings 3D to the online gaming world, and it’s done well. I’m not sure I’ll ever look at slots the same way again. I must warn you, however; after playing all these games in 3D, you just may be ruined for other gaming software platforms: Video Slots: Each individually labeled for medium or high variance, 3Dice video slots leave little to the imagination by making all of the magic look real. I liked Medieval Moolah. Classic Slots: 3Dice even makes old school slots look like new school slots. Play “The Joker” or “Triple Dough” or any of the others-there is never a non-animated moment, and it’s all so smoothly executed, you’ll sometimes not even know it’s happening. Table Games: From Texas Poker to 3 Card, you can play poker as well as Blackjack, American Roulette, and European Roulette. Video Poker: With 35 games to choose from, you’ll be sure to learn a thing or two, especially with new games like Flusherama. Card Games: Red Dog, Baccarat, Solitaire, and Casino War are all loaded and ready for action. Specialty Games: Choose from Vegas Style Craps, Super Sicbo, and Keno. You can see that most of the game variety is with video poker, and most of the graphic quality remains with the video slots. That being said, there is an impressive assortment of games that you’ve likely never played before-which, in this repetitive online casino environment, is a refreshing thing. 3Dice Casino Special Features: While I find myself grasping at straws in this category with my other casino reviews, 3Dice Casino forces me to pick and choose among many unique features. I’ll touch on the ones I feel are the most important, and leave you to discover the other several that make this casino stand out from so many others: ThreeDice Casino Forum: If you really want to get a feel for the players and the popularity of this casino, go to their forum. Subject upon subject of rants, raves, FAQs, clarifications, hoorays, and boohoos. 3 Dice chat: Other casinos may say that have a huge community spirit, but 3Dice is the first casino I’ve seen open their virtual lobby with a huge chat window and a warm welcome. A great place to get advice or just hang out until Lady Luck shows up again. Gifting: A feature strictly for real money account holders, you can literally “share the love” with other players by giving them money from your account. Whether they are down on their luck or it’s their birthday, gifts are a great way to garner goodwill among fellow gamers. Just one pop into 3Dice’s casino lobby and you can tell this online casino does things a little differently. And that leads me to one of my favorite features-so impressive that it requires its own section in this review. The Three Dice Zeitgeist: If you’ve ever felt lost and alone in an online casino-and didn’t like it-Three-Dice Casino is definitely worth trying. Even the briefest of explorations into the 3Dice Zeitgeist will show you what games are currently paying out, who’s playing them, the latest high score via screenshot for each game, recommended games based on your favorites, what games are currently popular, and what the current payout percentage is. It’s mind-blowing the amount of information that is available. Now you can decide which slot to play based on up-to-the-minute data and player recommendations, instead of closing your eyes and letting your random mouse-click lead you down the rabbit hole. Assuming the information is true and accurate, and I have no reason to believe it’s not, this has to be one of the most transparent casinos on the Internet. And the planet. General Information for 3Dice Casino. Software: Download only - Proprietary. Player Restrictions: None, however it does not override the law where prohibited. License: 3Dice casino is fully licensed and regulated by the Government of Curacao.

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