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Essentially the guitar world does NOT have "inner, political workings". But it is the organizations, foundations and the other rubbish that may give it an ugly political side. Because many people running these foundations etc. , do so just to fill their sad lives and their neverending missed opportunities. Disgusting! You mention "arrogant or stuck up" and I fully agree that many of the sad people who never made it as performers (or teachers of note), nor even just as fun friendly kind people that you enjoy being around. How can this be changed gametwist net. How can this be changed. By cutting away all the useless people that are in these organisations. All you really need is *a good artistic director e. g. Denis (who can use his presence to get good guitarists to come and do concerts and masterclasses) can be changed every 2 years or so *and someone with organizational talent and positive enthusiasm who gets local students involved in the organisation (and is able to perhaps get sponsors involved, and have their logos printed in the festival program etc. ). And these people must have a willingness to have fun and create a great experience that people can really enjoy. Good vibes. A glass of wine. Smiling people. Yes! No need for everything else (president, vice-president and all the other crap). We need people who know what to do, not a pyramid of "sucking up" to the next higher looser, who in turn "sucks up" to the next higher looser, etc. So let me end by saying: the GFA. . . well for years they were inviting bad and mediocre guitarists to their events. Just a small tight-knit family of loosers. Oh and all these rubbish guitarists have incredibly resumes. What a scam! 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